Tower Of Strength


From top: Leo Diarmuid Grey; Tower Records, Dawson Street, Dublin 2

This morning.

Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Leo Diarmuid Grey tweetz:

Myself and my boyfriend were victims [this morning] to a homophobic incident on Nassau/Dawson street [Dublin 2]

Some chap got really aggressive in passing with us and call us faggots etc.

We didn’t react, and kept on to Dawson Luas trying to go home.

When we got to the stop , we turned around and saw the guy had got some of his friends with him and were following us.

I am very much used to these types of incidents, but seeing a group of them really startled us.

We quickly went into Tower Records on Dawson Street but were afraid they were going to come in after us, so we asked a member of staff could she check for us.

She politely obliged, and soon the security guard was helping us too.

He told us when it was safe to go outside And how to report this incident. He was extremely helpful and reassuring.  It’s really hard to feel safe immediately after an incident like this, but he really tried his best.

I would love it if we showed some appreciation to the staff there. God knows what could’ve happened

We’ve all seen from the news articles and from friends of friends that homophobic abuse has been increasing lately, with a lack of interference from An Garda Síochána,. So I really want to spread love and gratitude to Tower Records Dublin

In fairness.

Tower Records

Leo Diarmuid Grey

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16 thoughts on “Tower Of Strength

  1. missred

    Fair play to the staff at Tower. Unlike the staff at the Button Factory:

    1. Brother Barnabas

      and hope leo and boyfriend are doing ok now- and sure in knowledge that 99.9% of us stand with you

      1. Charger Salmons

        I know I was meant to be taking Christmas off but I’ll add my plus one here too.
        This is simply intolerable.
        Why should homosexualists have to endure fear and indignity like this in this day and age ?
        Leo, if you can accept the support of a Tan Brixiteer boomer you have mine.


  2. kellma

    Go Tower Records. Although it astounds me that there really are still such pond life out there that obsess about who someone likes to snuggle up on the sofa with at the end of their day….

  3. Iggy

    Fair play to Tower Records’ staff for helping the lads out. I’ve always them found lovely so it’s not entirely surprising that they would be so helpful. I hope Leo and his boyfriend are getting over the shock of such an awful incident.

  4. Jayus Kayus

    Not to denigrate what was obviously a scary experience for the original poster, but Tower Records would get a lot more love from me if they gave loyalty card stamps during the month of December. But they don’t! And they won’t explain why either.

  5. Ambivalent Gendered Brit

    The shocking thing is that Leo says he is very much used to these sorts of incidents- how often does it happen Leo?

  6. Jonboy

    Great work by the staff there.

    Saw a similar situation years back were two really young lads were getting the same homophobic treatment on Grafton St and ran into a record store. The security men blocked them entering the store and distracted them while the staff let the lads out the back door. On my return 10 minutes later the group were still outside waiting for the guys to leave:

    Gang: “We’ll wait here all day if we have to”
    Sec Guys “Your welcome to, but we let those guys out the back door ages ago!”

    Wonderfully done. Such a simple gesture to anyone being harassed can mean so much.

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