Brand New Retro


Free Sunday?

Retro Vision – the live comedy show about terrible movies –  returns to Anseo, Camden Street, Dublin 2 at 8pm.

Caroline Swords writes:

After 2 sell-out shows, get ready for Retro Vision Part 3! Join us for an evening of great comedy and terrible movies at Ireland’s last remaining VHS-only video rental store.

Stand-up and host Brian Cheatle will be joined by comedians Paul Marsh and Allie O’Rourke, as they return long-overdue videotapes and discuss some of the worst movies you’ve probably never seen.

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Retro Vision

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One thought on “Brand New Retro

  1. Clampers Outside!

    If they don’t feature my two favourite bad movies it’s not worth it.

    The Nostril Picker


    Oversexed Rugsuckers From Mars

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