Meanwhile, In Cork


Up to 20 headstones have recently been destroyed or damaged at St Catherine’s Cemetery, Kilcully, Cork.

Further to this…

Robert Macnamara, in the Echo Live, reports:

Cork City Council has arranged security to patrol Kilcully cemetery after the vandalism of headstones last week that has caused public outrage.

Several headstones were knocked over or damaged and holy statues had their heads removed at St Catherine’s graveyard.

…Stephen Scully of City Hall’s parks and recreation department has confirmed to The Echo that security measures are now in place.

“The gardai are investigating the matter. We have arranged security at the cemetery for the foreseeable future.”

The Echo understands CCTV footage has emerged of individuals entering the cemetery in darkness last week but the cameras in place at St Catherine’s graveyard are facing toward the car park and no activity in the graveyard is recorded.

UPDATE: City Hall steps up security at vandalised graveyard (Echo Live)

Pics via Neil Prendeville

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12 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Cork

    1. newsjustin

      They’ve all died, so they have that in common.

      Seriously though, absolute bottom-dwellers, those who did this. They barely deserve thinking about them, they must be so stupid and hopeless.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Very funny. I meant were their graves desecrated for a reason, like a feud or something? Common denominator?

    1. postmanpat

      Ha!!!! Ah!! but if Stryker was involved Broadsheet would be too scared of big corporation to publish it. Come on BS , did you drop the ball on that story or purposely not run it?

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