Nothing Clings Like Iveagh


Last night.

Further to the decision of Dublin City Council to regain possession of the Iveagh Markets, Francis Street, The Liberties, Dublin 8 which has been derelict for 20 years..

The Earl of Iveagh (Edward Cecil Guinness) funded the construction of the market to ‘provide purpose-built accommodation for the area’s street traders’.

Rory Guinness, Chairman of the Iveagh Trust said:

“Whoever comes to own the Iveagh Market, the Iveagh Trust and the Guinness family will be delighted to see the buildings used again for the benefit of the city.

After years of dereliction, we look forward to the day when this fine building can once again make a positive contribution to the social fabric of Dublin’s Liberties”.

“For the best part of a century, the Markets were a hive of activity. As the condition of the building continues to decline, we hope that pressing remedial works to secure the future of the structure can progress as quickly as possible to ensure that it can benefit Dubliners for generations to come, as Lord Iveagh would have wished”.

In fairness.

Dublin City Council to repossess Iveagh Markets from developer (RTÉ)


11 thoughts on “Nothing Clings Like Iveagh

  1. Dr.Fart

    the Doctor highly approves. good work, well done, Tina. Good to see when we are used to reading about fine buildings being ploughed down and turned into hotels or foreign student accom.

    1. Chris

      “Foreign student accom”, sorry but someone has to pay for our crumbling third level institutions and it isn’t the governments that you keep electing.

      1. Con Kennedy

        Student accommodation it typically a for-profit private enterprises. Which has nothing to do with funding Universities or IOTs

    1. Zaccone


      Any unused land between the canals should be subject to a 10% annual tax. Once the tax owed reaches 100%, or 10 years pass, the government gets to take possession.

  2. Cian

    it will cost €2million to buy back and a survey has concluded that it will cost €13 million just to stabilise the building with total repairs costing €30m.

    Wow. €22m for white rafting, €30m for a derelict building. €0 for social housing.

    1. Boj

      €20.3 billion on “health care”.
      A severe lack of respect shown for our money from our representatives. If only people were made aware of this and there was some way to punish them….

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