Chef at The Brehon Killarney Chad Byrne

Doing Veganuary?

Buying oat milk?

In fairness.

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8 thoughts on “Got Milk?

  1. Catherine Vaughan

    Where the hell is he shopping? Has he only priced it in his local artisan bolloxology market? Can get it easily for half the price!

  2. kellma

    yes I believe its v easy to make your own oat milk. I love it in my tea. prefer it to dairy. However for the cappuccino i need the barista edition or its no good. Maybe it has a higher water content? No idea.

    1. Lurch

      George Monbiots programe “Apocolypse Cow” on Channel 4 player is very interesting.
      Incredible the destruction caused by recent generations obsession with livestock products. Also, interesting to see the alternatives which may well be our saviour, flour created by bacteria, lab grown meat etc.

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