Shannon Is Safe…For Now


US military planes at Shannon Airport; tweets from Irish Times journalist Simon Carswell

This morning.

Iran’s ambassador to Ireland Masoud Eslami spoke to journalists in Dublin.

Simon Carswell, of The Irish Times, reports:

On the question of whether Shannon could be targeted by Iran in response to US military action against Tehran, Mr Eslami said: “I would rule that out for the time being. This is a very far speculation. We are very far from such a situation.”

Mr Eslami called on the Irish Government to reconsider Shannon Airport being used by American troops transiting through Ireland as they travel between the United States and the country’s military bases in the Middle East.

“In principle, we would ask the authorities to reconsider the use of Shannon Airport to facilitate military action by the US, which has been an issue at the local level, at the national level in Ireland,” the diplomat told reporters at the Iran’s embassy in south Dublin.

Slain general Suleimani was Iran’s Michael Collins, says Iranian ambassador (Simon Carswell, The Irish Times)

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12 thoughts on “Shannon Is Safe…For Now

  1. Captain Pants

    “Irans Michael Collins” –

    The Shinners’ll probably love it though, they love sanitising violent thugs as long as they’re from far away.

    1. Dr.Fart

      He played the biggest role in ridding the region of ISIS. Only to be killed in cowardly fashion, ordered by the worlds actual worst person. Then to have people like you call him a violent thug, someone who clearly doesn’t know anything about the matter.

        1. scottser

          Trump also screwed over the Kurds as a thank you for fighting ISIS. You’d almost swear he wants terrorism to flourish.

  2. Kim The Cardassian

    What he is saying is very serious. “I would rule that out for the time being”. What would the time be that Iran would consider the targeting of a civilian airport in a neutral country?

    Although it is bonkers to ask the question in the first place. Journalists wanting a bit of a headline story.

      1. Dr.Fart

        makes me laugh when journalists bang on like they’re in the most respectable profession in the land and they go about asking questions like that, and the other half of the time reading out questions to politicians which were written by their advisors.

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