Hospital To Homelessness At 81


Last night.

On Dublin’s O’Connell Street.

Three voluntary homeless outreach groups reportedly responded to the needs of an 81-year-old homeless woman who was “bedding down in a distressed state”.

Dublin City Councillor Christy Burke last night wrote on Facebook that when he was contacted about the woman, he, in turn, contacted Dublin City Council’s homeless services and that a bed for last night was booked for the woman within minutes.

Damien Farrell, of one of the groups who attended the woman D8HAC Altogether Now, writes:

“The woman is registered with the DRHE (Dublin Region Homeless Executive) homeless services and had been under hospital treatment.

“The woman has in the past experienced bullying and threatening behaviour in DRHE-registered hostels and was discharged from hospital into homelessness, apparently despite DRHE-registered key workers engaging with her during her hospital treatment.

“The occurance of hospital patient discharges into homelessness knowingly is far too common, as too is the failings of DRHE-registered services to establish and maintain a link of continuity between homeless services, hospital management and homeless patients or attendees.

We call upon the Dublin Region Homeless Executive to examine this particular case as an example of a serious lapse in duty of care and to implement an immediate protocal across all associated services that will address the matter of people being discharged from hospital treatment into homelessness.

“We would also like to recognoise the efforts and work carried out by Housing First and Parkgate Hall in this particular case.”

D8HAC Altogether (Facebook)

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6 thoughts on “Hospital To Homelessness At 81

  1. scottser

    This woman should have been discharged into a homeless service. There’s a whole raft of safety nets in place to avoid a situation where someone goes from hospital to rough sleeping. I’d be looking at why her social worker wasn’t straight on to the central placement service seeking a bed before she was discharged.

  2. Dr.Fart

    can’t understand how people can see stuff like this happen, then turn and see Varadkar buttoning up his jacket telling everyone the economy is stronger than ever, and think “yep. still voting FG”

    1. Kolmo

      Because some in FG believe society is nothing but a balance sheet and that civilised humanity is a threat to the profitability of the fortunately placed, they know the cost of everything and the value of nothing, apes in suits will always be apes.

  3. Ron

    Daw jawed electorate syndrome. And thats anyone that votes FG or FF. Whatever happens in the next GE one thing is for sure. Varadkar and Flanagan are not going to be re elected and that’s a good start on terns of draining the swamp of the inept political filth that has destroyed this country.

    I just hope he is a more competent doctor than he has been a politician, but I guess in this third world health service that costs taxpayers 16 billion euros, beggars can’t be choosers so back to the wards with you Leo

  4. Dublin mammy

    Let’s just say 99% of this story is untrue. 56yr old to begin with. Also people can be offered 3 different hostels to go to and they can, as a capable adult, refuse them all and self discharge. Just sayin.

    1. Broadbag

      Go away with your facts you, the permanently outraged just want the latest headline to leech onto, if there’s a picture accompanying it all the better, they never really developed past the books with the pictures in them…

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