Saturday, February 8




Ah here.

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15 thoughts on “Saturday, February 8

  1. class wario

    The fact this clashes with a rugby game only further underlines that FG *want* to lose this election

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Ha, so it is. I once thought that weather and sporting events / seasonal priorities didn’t matter but they really do.

      Also think that turn-out would be higher on a weekday when folk are already ‘turned-out’ so to speak…but I could be proved wrong on this.

    2. pooter

      Clever move. FG want to capitalise on the “lets beat the enemy” feel good factor that permeates on rugby home international days. Wont fool me though.

      1. class wario

        streams of lads absolutely sending it down the polling station, pints of heinomite in hand, fine gael chants going, the lot!

          1. ian-oh

            Laugh, because its very funny.

            All those idiots paying a fortune for mass produced, tasteless wee, you have to laugh.

            You HAVE to!


    3. Cú Chulainn

      I see prissy Humphries is hoping to get a boost by climbing up the pole..! It’s about the only hope he has..

  2. newsjustin

    Oh no. A rugby match. How will I ever be able to vote in the 14 hour polling station window if there’s a rugby match on?

    1. ian-oh

      Have you tried to vote via the door? I’d say they frown upon people trying to access the polling station via the window, irrespective of how long its open?

      (I’ll get me coat.)

  3. Caroline. No.

    personally I shall not be participating in either willy waving event. I do like the odd hairy Welshman baritone mind

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