A Change In Programming


Last night.

Good times.

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11 thoughts on “A Change In Programming

  1. Gabby

    Television programmers can safely slot in lots of noncontroversial things about bread and circuses.

  2. Tomm

    Silenced by the sinister government overlords!!

    Or maybe they’re just carefully considering their broadcasting obligations to be somewhat impartial weeks before a surprise election.

    1. class wario

      You’re right but it’s not a great indictment of anybody that you have to pull a programme on the homelessness crisis in the name of ‘impartiality’.

    2. Termagant

      Is it impartial to deliberately pull something because it might be harmful to the current establishment? It’s not as though it’s a hatchet piece made with the sole purpose of attacking the government, it’s Prime Time. It’s a current affairs program and the current affair is lots of homeless people and no solutions.

  3. Rob

    I’m too tired these days to stay up until 9.30 anyway, but did anyone see the thing about Welsh cows? Fascinating stuff.

  4. Paulus

    …and the Showbands programme was a repeat.
    There was a tiny political reference where Twink mentioned Albert Reynolds’ days in the ballroom business.
    (Twink getting more a like a deranged Barbara Cartland every day).

    1. V

      Wait’ll ye hear this

      Earlier I went to check if he was still alive
      And found amongst the nonsense of his this and thats, here and theres etc

      He owns the song “Grace”
      I wonder if Rod has been honoured with a Waxwork

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