This afternoon.

Sean McDermott Street, Dublin 1.

The formal launch of the Social Democrats #GE20 campaign outside the former Sean McDermott Street Magdalene Laundry were party leaders Catherine Murphy (above right) and Roisin Shortall (left) with Dublin Central General Election candidate, Dublin City Councillor Gary Gannon (top centre), whose campaign saved the site for ‘commemorative’ purposes .

Ms Murphy and Ms Shortall highlighted what they described as ‘four key achievable priorities’ which they intend to campaign on.

To wit:

1. Introduction of a ‘save as you pay’ front-loaded home insulation grant scheme

2. Introduce a right to flexible work – in order to give families more time to care for their children, older people, family members with disabilities and themselves.

3. Establish an Independent Anti-Corruption Agency

4. Deadlines not lip service on Slaintecare implementation; Delivery of social and affordable housing to buy and rent and increased provision of public transport and cycling provision

Social Democrats

Leah Farrel /RollingNews

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21 thoughts on “Purple Rain

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Yup. They are passionate about what they do, but this commemorative Laundry museum above was a bad idea.

  1. bisted

    …has Anne Marie been dropped?…it’s like the curse of Broadsheet…one minute flying high then cast off into oblivion…just like Dan, Gemma, Derek…politics is truly a cruel game…

      1. bisted

        …oh dear…and it all started so well…didn’t she even have FinTan O’Toole doing ‘public meetings’ for her…the demographic just didn’t suit her…

  2. Rob_G

    Imagine launching your election campaign in front of a derelict building that you actively lobbied for to remain empty and unused…

      1. Rob_G

        Who knows, maybe it will be. How many more years will it lie derelict while Gannon and Co lobby for funding, etc?

  3. A Person

    Yep, I retained what was effectively a prison that nobody will ever visit, instead of providing housing in the centre of our city, where, gasp, housing is much needed. Yet I’m a socialist.

      1. Rob_G

        A hotel, and housing.

        With provision of social housing units over and above the required minimum number, AFAIR.

        1. A Person

          A hotel which could have provided employment for the local community, and housing, that would house people in the city centre. No, lets grab some headlines and make sure its another derelict inner city building.

  4. Zaccone

    “Introduction of a ‘save as you pay’ front-loaded home insulation grant scheme” – is a great idea to be fair. The government should definitely be providing interest free loans to help poorer households upgrade their BER classification. Everyone wins with it.

    The other ideas are all reasonable too. I think the SocDems will struggle with the Greens eating all of their votes though unfortunately.

    1. Christopher

      Yup- I voted for Gary last time out but he really showed himself up as a populist with Magdalene Laundry rubbish- no clue about how to regenerate D1, he just wants it to stay as poor and unsafe as it is. I’ll be voting Green this year.

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