“We Have Exhausted Every Avenue”


This lunchtime.

The Teachers’ Union of Ireland has announced that its members will go on strike on Tuesday, February 4th.

This is days before the general election on February 8th.

In a statement, the TUI says:

The Union represents some 19,000 members in second level schools, colleges of further and adult education and Institutes of Technology/Technological Universities.

In October, TUI members voted by a margin of 92% to 8% to engage in a campaign of industrial action, up to and including strike action, on this issue, and the Union announced in November that it would take strike action in February unless the matter was resolved.

The union stated that while its campaign has resulted in progress, those teachers employed after 1st January 2011 will still earn some €110,000 less than longer-serving colleagues over the course of a career. Critically, they will earn over €50,000 less in the first ten years of their career when key life choices are made.

Speaking today, TUI President Seamus Lahart said:

‘We have exhausted every avenue open to us to bring this matter to resolution and have been left with no choice but to take strike action over the ongoing scandal of pay discrimination.”

TUI members to take strike action on Tuesday, 4th February over failure to eliminate pay discrimination (TUI)

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9 thoughts on ““We Have Exhausted Every Avenue”

  1. Cian

    If they are concerned about the different rates how about the people on the higher pay get a cut to match those on the lower pay? Then there is no discrimination?

    Or any future pay-rises will apply only to the lower rates until there is parity?

  2. Charger Salmons

    With the amount of holidays they have and how little work they do during term time I’m surprised teachers have the opportunity to be in work to go on strike from.
    I can’t think of a lazier section of the public sector workforce.

      1. Charger Salmons

        The difference is I do it on my own dime.
        Teachers have one of the easiest jobs going with huge amounts of holidays and still they complain about their lot.
        No sympathy at all.

        1. Caroline. No.

          Didn’t you tell us you “do” it off the backs off actual working people who pay your slumlord rents?

          1. Charger Salmons

            And you think those top class rental homes suddenly became available and in tip-top condition via an excellent landlord by accident ?
            A typical woke poster imagines everyone who rents a property lives in a slum.
            I worry about this generation growing up overwhelmed by self-entitlement.
            Actually I don’t really worry because there’s a new sucker born every day.

  3. curmudgeon

    To all gen election candidates FOR SALE: 50,000 Teacher & Retired teacher Votes.

    Just a quick FYI that retired teachers pensions are index linked to current teachers. When their pay goes up so does the pensioners cushy pensions, and it all gets heaped onto the tax payer to deal with.

    Currently a retired teacher will be on a minimum of 25K, literally double the state pension.

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