Contradicting Regina



A fact-check carried out by the Business Post in relation to comments made by the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection Regina Doherty on RTÉ Radio One about the number of GPs in Ireland now compared to five years ago shows her information has been contradicted by the HSE and the Medical Council.

There you go now.

Election Factcheck (Business Post)

H/T: Susan Mitchell

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6 thoughts on “Contradicting Regina

  1. Dr.Fart

    i don’t know why there’s nothing in place to punish politicians who outright lie like this. there has to be some deterrent. She lies about everything all the time and is just allowed to. There’s people listening to the show, or would hear things she says and don’t hear her lies get debunked, and then float around in the world presuming her to be honest and telling the truth. It’s such a low and dirty tactic, to just lie, to cling on to power by any means. At the very least, some kind of 3 strike rule, but a deterrent is needed. Even if it was having a fact checker present for interviews, and can correct her, live on air so the same people who heard the lie get to know its false.

    1. paul

      I’d like to see a fact checking service for public and radio appearances, someone that can query with them if they meant what they said and if they double down on an obvious lie, they get their microphone cut.

    2. Cian

      This is really, really difficult to do live.

      In any show you are going to have lots and lots of statements. If you need to fact-check them all it takes a lot of time (to do it properly).

      Perhaps there should be a follow-up show/slot the following day that corrects any incorrect statement. And have, as you suggest, a 3 strikes and you’re out rule.

      Oh, this would need to apply to all: guests and hosts, questions and answers.

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