Regina’s Gratuity


A letter the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection Regina Doherty sent to her constituents earlier this month

The Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection Regina Doherty recently wrote a letter to her constituents in which she stated:

I ensured that tips in our hospitality sector are paid to employees and not withheld.”

However, last June…

The Irish Times reported:

A Bill to prevent employers deducting or withholding tips from employees has been passed by the Seanad despite Government opposition.

Senators voted by 25 to 14 on an amendment to the Sinn Féin National Minimum Wage (Protection of Employee Tips) Bill and then passed the Bill without a vote.

Sinn Féin Senator Paul Gavan, who introduced the legislation, rejected as “completely wrong” claims by Minister for Employment Affairs Regina Doherty that the legislation would result in tips being taxed under the PAYE system and would have knock-on negative effects on workers’ entitlements to social welfare supports.

…Independent Senator Michael McDowell sharply criticised Ms Doherty for putting a “money message” on the legislation, required for Bills that will have an impact on the exchequer.

He said it was an “absolutely threadbare and totally unacceptable suggestion” that it involves appropriating the public revenue.

Mr McDowell said that “in a society transforming itself to a cashless society it is wholly wrong that that entirely positive development is used as a licence to plunder workers’ pockets”.

There you go now.


Last Monday, before the election date was called, Ms Doherty was interviewed by Seán O’Rourke on RTÉ’s Today with Seán O’Rourke, during which she told Mr O’Rourke:

“Nobody ever reads manifestos during the election. Seán, you know that.”

Listen back to the interview in full here

Pic: One Galway


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7 thoughts on “Regina’s Gratuity

  1. Dr.Fart

    she’s one of the most flagrantly dishonest TD’s in there, and that’s really saying something.

  2. V

    Cheaters cheat us all huh Minister

    And to be blagguarding about legislation you stuck a money message on.

    Another FG TD issuing a False Statement with their signature btw

  3. Tomm

    Anything about Paddy Holohan. I called out the closet homophobes and racists within FGs critics and was ridiculed for it. Paddy is an example of exactly what I was talking about.

  4. UnitedPeople

    Dear Regina,

    We got news for you Regina – some of us do reading and by doing so, we will continue to expose your continuous lies. You blocked a previous bill that gives workers a legal right to their tips. Quit the lying and the cover-ups.

    You have covered-up hundreds of #JobPath abuses, huge fraud, more law breaking, FG data stealing plus illegal sharing and lied more too about your €230 Million (taxpayer money) 93% failure rate racket. Don’t get us started again on your Data law breaking, €65 Million costing, PSC scandal!

    You have cost the state at least €300+ million of taxpayer money, with illegal acting rackets.

    1. Tomm

      You’ve cost the taxpayer 500k at a minimum Rudd so not one to talk. Go back working in a pub and then I will listen.

      1. D.Walsh

        If you are unfortunate to read lies posted elsewhere, that’s detrimental to your credibility.
        Having run a number of businesses, he currently started up another while also working for clients by marketing, to aid them in creating further employment and profit for SME’s. Sad that a few swallow anon’ inaccuracies too easy.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Regina is on the way out. Bad and all as Blueshirts are, they don’t like her likes trying to bully good people like Helen McEntee.
    Bye bye regina.

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