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Lisa Lambe – Tiny Devotions

Iceland go bragh.

There can’t be many places that look even colder than Ireland to shoot a video in. But Lisa Lambe appears to have found one!

The singer/songwriter/actress gambols around Iceland for the promo (directed by Hen Of The Woods productions) for her new single which can be found on her forthcoming album Juniper, due on April 3.

You may know Lisa through her work with Celtic Woman. However, she will be headlining her own show at Dublin’s Pepper Canister Church this Friday as part of the capital’s TradFest.

Nick says: I second that devotion.

Lisa Lambe

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11 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Unlike some above, I hit play and moved on to read other things. This is how I listen to most vids/songs posted here. How else can you judge the music, if not purely?

    But I have to say this is a stunning song! Beautiful, melodic and engaging!

    I will look at the vid next time, but not because of earlier comments, which belittle the singer!

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