Anything Good On Twitter?


This afternoon.

Online news and social media monitoring company Olytico tweetz:

69,814 tweets, from 14,434 accounts and a potential audience of over 13m. Olytico analysed how Ireland talked about the general election during the first week of campaigning (14th-20th Jan 2020). Here’s what we found.

25% of content during week 1 was original (17,644 tweets), the remaining 75% of content was retweets. #GE2020 is the most popular hashtag (39,513 tweets), followed by #GE20 (9,762) and #GeneralElection2020 (1,219).

Fine Gael were the most talked about political party (8,697 tweets), followed by Fianna Fail (5,749), Sinn Fein (3,036), Labour (2,042) and Green Party (2,005).

Leo Varadkar was the most talked about party leader (4,318 tweets), followed by Michael Martin (748), Mary Lou McDonald (692), Eamon Ryan (378), and Brendan Howlin (222).

Homelessness was the most mentioned non-political term (4,451), followed by Housing (2,783), Health (2,186), and Climate (1,551).

Week 2 data will be released on Tuesday January 28th. Questions or suggestions? Reply or drop us a DM.



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8 thoughts on “Anything Good On Twitter?

  1. Andrew

    I follow U.K politics quite closely and my twitter timeline reflects this. If the UK election is anything to go by twitter is an irrelevance that has zero bearing on anything and is certainly not a reflection of society at large. Dominated by cranks mostly.

    1. Rob_G

      I think you are right – Twitter seems to be mainly for media + comms professionals types. Very few people ‘regular folks’ use Twitter daily or even weekly.

  2. Salmon Eile

    Not terribly difficult to calculate these stats – Microsoft Excel dump.

    How about some sentiment analysis behind the numbers?

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Very topline stuff… I’d like to see them try an analysis of sentiment of tweets, whether they are positive or negative.

  4. max

    The only thing that u can take away from this is that there are 222 people who remember who the labour party leader is

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