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Inner City Helping Homeless tweetz:

The Inner City Helping Homeless outreach teams assisted 113 people sleeping out around Dublin City last night. There needs to be a complete overhaul of homeless services to address this crisis. Things have gotten progressively worse under the last two housing ministers.

Related: Minister Murphy publishes Winter Rough Sleeper Count, Homeless Quarterly Progress Report and October Report on homelessness (Department of Housing)

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9 thoughts on “113

  1. PointofOrder

    There are beds available. The people who remain on the streets have decided not to avail of these beds. Must government ministers come out & gently coax them into a hostel? Where has the huge increase in middle aged men sleeping rough on our streets come from?

        1. $hifty

          And some don’t allow drink /drugs to be consumed, so people opt for the streets instead
          And some don’t allow you in past a certain time…..which is normally prime-time for begging from the drunken masses. I’d love to see a breakdown of,say, a Tuesday night versus a Saturday night
          And that 113 figure is literally less than 1% of the figure that is regularly bandied about as being ‘homeless’.

  2. Andrew

    Complete overhaul ? Why not pool your resources with the myriad of other homeless charities competing for business. Buy tickets home for the people from other countries that are sleeping on the streets. They’d be better off now they realise the streets of Dublin aren’t paved with gold.They’ll have more support networks at home and be more equipped to get out of their situation.
    Clean up the hostels,enforce drug free rules, perhaps have a dedicated hostel(s) for drug users.
    Get professional about it. Too many well meaning but incompetent people are involved with these charities that wouldn’t find work any where else.

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