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Wishbone on 16 Montague St, Dublin 2


Wishbone, which specialises in chicken wings, on 16 Montague St, Dublin 2, is donating every cent of the day’s takings (from noon) to Inner City Helping Homeless.

In fairness.



Wishbone (Facebook)


Anthony Flynn, of Inner City Helping Homeless, writes:

Meals are available for collection today from our offices at 72 Amiens Street. If you’re living in emergency accommodation, you can avail of these meals.Please call 01 8881804.

Inner City Helping Homeless has launched its 2018 Christmas Shoebox Appeal for the Homeless.

Last year the charity received more than 20,000 shoeboxes which were distributed to homeless adults and children across the country.

The most recent Department of Housing figures showed there were 5,869 adults, 1,753 families and 3,829 children – a total of 9,698 individuals – staying in State-funded emergency accommodation in the final week of September last.

This was an increase of 171 individuals – 35 adults and 136 children.

If you’d like to take part:

Wrap a shoebox and mark it male or female and include an age if it’s appropriate.

In the shoebox you can put the likes of: hats, scarves, gloves, underwear, socks, toiletries, Christmas card, and chocolate.

No aerosols, perfumes, aftershaves, mouthwash or hand sanitisers should be placed in the boxes.

The shoeboxes can be dropped off at the ICHH office at 72 Amiens St from 10am until 11pm, Monday to Friday or the locations listed here.

For larger collections, you can contact the ICHH office on 01-8881804.

The deadline for the shoebox appeal is Friday, December 7.

Visit here for more information.

Pic: Inner City Helping Homeless

Margaret Cash and her seven children with RTÉ’s Miriam O’Callaghan

This morning.

Homeless mum-of-seven Margaret Cash – who posted photographs of several of her children sleeping in Tallaght Garda station in Dublin last week – will move into a three-bedroom apartment in Dublin city centre on Friday.

She told RTÉ’s Miriam O’Callaghan:

“On Friday, we’ll have a three-bedroom apartment here in town somewhere for a week trial and then, after the week’s trial, it will be on a monthly basis so  I’m quite happy with that.

“It’s better news than what it was last week, when they were expecting me to go night by night again, so I am, I’m really happy.”

Ms Cash also told Ms O’Callaghan that, prior to last week, she had previously been referred to Garda stations on two occasions and that’s why she posted the pictures of her children sleeping in the station last week.


Last night…

Anthony Flynn, of Inner City Helping Homeless – which has been paying for Ms Cash and her family’s accommodation since last week – wrote:

This morning @homelessDublin refunded the cost of accommodation we have paid of the last week. The process in doing this was as follows. DCC [Dublin City Council] rang the accommodation provider we engaged with last week, they asked them to refund ICHH [Inner City Helping Homeless] directly and they would then make payment. The accommodation provider immediately called me to discuss and ask for instruction as ICHH had originally made the booking.

I agreed for the provider to make the refund and charge Dublin City Council. The way in which this was done shows more complete contempt for the hard work and effort that ICHH do. Not making contact with us to discuss the issues or to work through the problems. All of the issues could have been dealt with last week if DCC had of worked with us instead of constantly working against us.

This isn’t the way the process should work, volunteer organisations are fundamentally important to support the charity sector. For five years ICHH have done so and have supported the most vulnerable and marginalised in society, statutory bodies ignoring those who are willing to help tackle a social crisis is absolutely wrong.

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‘I’m Assuming They’re One Of The Families That Didn’t Seek Further Assistance From Us’

Gut Punch

Pic: Miriam O’Callaghan

Tallaght Garda station last night

Homeless family of seven forced to sleep in garda station (RTÉ)

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This morning.

On RTÉ Radio One’s Today with Miriam O’Callaghan.

Ms O’Callaghan spoke to Anthony Flynn, of Inner City Helping Homeless.

Before starting Ms O’Callaghan said RTE had confirmed that three homeless families, including 16 children, slept in Garda stations last night.

Mr Flynn said:

“Your confirmation on families that slept in Garda stations – those are the families that actually chose to attend the Garda stations last night. The other families didn’t choose. Some may have slept in cars, some of them may have slept with relatives but there was up to eight families last night that were refused accommodation.

“…The pictures have shocked people that have seen them over the last couple of hours, particularly this morning. But this is the norm, Miriam. And people don’t realise that this is the norm.

Last month, 48 families were referred to Garda stations through the statutory bodies. The month before, 47 families were referred to Garda stations throughout the month through the statutory bodies. And what’s happening is we have an over reliance now on the private hotel sector and B&Bs in order to accommodate families throughout the summer period or indeed through any period of the year.

“The fact is that this over reliance is about to burst. And more and more people are entering Dublin. The hotel trade is booming, you know, tourist trade is booming. The hotels don’t really want these families here any more. It’s a case that they need to be moved on.

“We’ve a papal visit in two weeks’ time. We’ve 500,000 people that are going to enter the country and we have a major fear that this is going to continue to happen over the coming weeks.

What people need to realise is that this is not uncommon to us, this is stuff that we’ve been seeing and had been forecasted now for a long time in regard to the end of hotel usage or hotels getting busier and not enough hotel space to accommodate people.

“And I suppose last night was just an indictment really on the fact that we’re not moving people out of services quick enough and that 7 young children have to end up sleeping in a garda station last night.”

Ms O’Callaghan later read out a statement she had just received from the Dublin City Council. It said:

“On the night of the 8th of August 2018, an unprecedented number of families presented out of hours, seeking emergency accommodation. We were notified by the family homeless action team that they were actively engaged with 10 families who were unable to source their own accommodation.

“Our central placement team were able to source emergency accommodation for five of those families – one family refused the offer of accommodation, two of their families were linked back into their region and two did not seek further assistance.”

Listen back in full here

UPDATE: “I’m Assuming They’re One Of The Families That Didn’t Seek Further Assistance”


This afternoon.

O’Connell Bridge, Dublin 1

Inner City Helping Homeless volunteer Jamie Harrington (with glasses), CEO Anthony Flynn (with beard) and team leader Gerry Carney (white shirt) handing out water, as part of a city-wide programme to ensure homeless people stay hydrated, after Met Eireann issued a status yellow high-temperature warning.

In fairness.


This morning.

Government Buildings, Merrion Street, Dublin 2

A protest from Inner City Helping Homeless as Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and ministers arrive for a Cabinet meeting at the start of the new Dáil term.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

This afternoon.

Connolly Station, Dublin 1

Inner City Helping Homeless volunteers pack a Luas full of Xmas presents in shoeboxes for homeless families in Dublin.

Gifts will be received until 7pm.


Top pic Catherine Devane 

This afternoon.

King Street South, Dublin 2

Inner City Helping Homeless CEO Anthony Flynn (above left) with artist Will St.Leger (right) following the recreation of a room of a type used for emergency accommodation for homeless families in Dublin to highlight the conditions parents and children face for months on end.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

Last night.

Capuchin Day Centre, Arran Quay, Dublin 7

Anthony Flynn from Inner City helping Homeless, writes;

Our 24 hour contingency plan has just ended. What a serious operation put in place all by volunteers.

Big thank you to Brother Kevin and all the staff at the Capuchin Day Centre, Christy Burke, Lifeline Ambulance Service for providing medical support, Damien Farrell and his crew and of course all the dedicated volunteers from Inner City Helping Homeless.

103 homeless individuals were accommodated in total and many more were sheltered through the day with over 700 people fed. Trojan effort from all involved. Serious intervention from the voluntary sector.

Inner City Helping Homeless