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Last night.

Prime Time on RTÉ One.

Details were revealed of a document sent to members of Inner City Helping Homeless (ICCH) which details four serious allegations of abuse made against the former CEO and Dublin City Councillor, Anthony Flynn (above), who died in August.

Via RTÉ:

Written by David Hall, the former chairman of the charity, the document outlines a series of allegations of sexual abuse that were being investigated by Gardaí earlier this year.

The first two incidents occurred in May.

“One involved a 21-year-old male (classified by Gardai as extremely vulnerable) in May 2021 being brought by taxi at 2.30am to the CEO’s home where [he] stayed the night,” the report says.

“[He] presented to an adult emergency department the following day and was transferred to the sexual assault unit. [He] made an allegation to the Gardai when [he] arrived at the Sexual Assault Unit. The Gardaí believed the ICHH taxi account was used.”

Less than two weeks later, a separate alleged incident of a similar nature involving a different man was also reported to Gardaí.

“13 days later a party related to an ICHH Client was collected by taxi and brought to the CEO’s home. That night or the next morning an allegation was made to Gardai of sexual assault.”

A third alleged victim reported to the charity on August 26th that he had been sexually assaulted by Mr Flynn, though a date for the alleged attack is not given.

The man, who was homeless, had been “accommodated by the CEO in accommodation provided by ICHH,” the report states.

“While being accommodated by ICHH the CEO sent texts asking this person for sex. It was alleged the CEO sexually assaulted this person,” the report states. It was also alleged Mr Flynn “transferred a specific amount of money to this person to buy cocaine,” it said.

The document, which was obtained by Prime Time, also states that Gardaí told Mr Hall that its investigation went further again.

“Gardai indicated they had met with some men, who were known to Gardai, where taxis had collected them and Gardai were working through 97 taxi journeys. These journeys had been paid for by the charity.”

A total of four alleged survivors are referenced in the report.

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Anthony Flynn in 2017

Last night.

Anthony Flynn, who was under suspension from the homeless charity he co-founded, was found dead at his home in Dublin’s East Wall yesterday.

Mr Flynn, 35, helped set up Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) in 2013, becoming its chief executive in 2019, and was a serving independent councillor on Dublin City Council.

He was suspended by the charity following allegations of sexual misconduct, although, gardai say, he was not arrested or formally questioned.

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Councillor Anthony Flynn who died in suspected suicide was facing probe into alleged sex assault (Independent.ie)


This morning.


Dublin homelessness charity suspends employee after ‘serious matter’ (RTÉ)

This afternoon.

Inner City Helping Homeless writez:

Operation Easter Bunny is in full flow in the ICHH offices as we aim to give homeless children an Easter Egg over the coming week.

Mars Ireland donated 6,000 easter eggs through our partnership with Food Cloud which is a hugely kind donation that will bring a smile to many faces.

Do NOT tell Drew.

This afternoon.

Inner City Helping Homeless tweetz:

Thank you so much to Marilena Anghel [of Hope Creations] for her really kind donation of single-use soaps that she made and posted down to us from Cavan.

We really appreciate your kindness and support.

In fairness.

Hope Creations

To Kildare apparently.

More as we get it.


This afternoon.

Inner City Helping Homeless tweetz:

The Inner City Helping Homeless outreach teams assisted 113 people sleeping out around Dublin City last night. There needs to be a complete overhaul of homeless services to address this crisis. Things have gotten progressively worse under the last two housing ministers.

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Wishbone on Montague Street, Dublin 2

Anthony Flynn, of Inner City Helping Homeless, tweetz:

Big shout out to the guys Wishbone who have come onboard this year to donate a day’s takings to Inner City Helping Homeless in the run-up to Christmas. This is much appreciated guys, you are amazing!

Just like last year, too.

In fairness.


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Dublin Rental Watch tweetz:

‘You will share the studio (room, kitchen, EVERYTHING TOGETHER) with 2 Male’. It’s €370pm/€1,100pm for studio. Photos suggest opening the fridge/wardrobe is blocked by a bed. There are only hard chairs. The fire blanket looks inaccessible.

The ad is now no longer available on Daft.