11 thoughts on “Are You High Now?

  1. My husband wrote this joke for me

    C’mon, all of us have seen a bottle of Poppers for £2 in a sex shop in Soho and asked the assistant for a free sniff.
    That’s not “taking drugs”, it’s just inhaling a concentrated cleaning agent.

  2. Steph Pinker

    My recollection of living and travelling to the US regarding various visa applications is that if one admits to having used drugs/ having been convicted of using drugs then the application is automatically rejected; does this apply to Leo particularly considering it’s now on the record, twice?

    Or maybe things have changed since Trump took office *cough*

    1. Cian

      They don’t ask if you have ever used drugs.

      They ask of you have a conviction. But it is any conviction (excluding minor traffic offences if I remember correctly).

      1. Steph Pinker

        I knew that either you, or Rob who underscored G, would be straight out of the traps when I posed that question; my point is that they ask both questions – either on the application/ waiver or when passing through customs-immigration desks, so, does the leader of *any* country get a free pass when entering a foreign country having admitted to using drugs? If so, then Leo should never be allowed in to the US [or any other country] where such laws apply.

        You can’t have it both ways Cian, especially considering you’re such an upstanding civil *servant* yourself. It’s illegal for all or none.

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