This afternoon.

Grand Canal, Dublin 2.

Via Revolution IRL



Fine Gael election posters return to Leeson Street Bridge, Dublin 2.




Previously: At Leeson Street Bridge (Updated)

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18 thoughts on “Putting Up

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    He really acts like a self-obsessed privileged child.
    The gas thing is the thousands FG spend annually on PR.

  2. Steph Pinker

    The context of each photo tells an important story; however, the last three provide visual evidence of the most disgusting aspects of FGFF politics and life in Ireland in 2020 – Murphy looks like a pig at the proverbial trough filling his belly and Leo is as smug and sneering as ever – well, except for when he’s forced to admit on TV that he’s a former drug user…

      1. Steph Pinker

        It’s pretty offensive when the housing minister is stuffing his face with a beef burger, not to mention that the food he’s stuffing his face with in both photos has been produced by Irish farmers at a loss for the farmer and the agricultural industry, also, your commercial housing/ vulture/ cuckoo god, Murphy, has clearly shown no ethical or moral connection to homelessness or housing needs – except in his title as gifted by his BFF, Leo.

        But, as usual, all you focus on is a bowl of porridge – which is pretty apt, I’m just wondering what you FG bots eat in real life as it certainly can’t be porridge because that’s associated with the lower classes/ farmers/ scumbags/ prisoners…

        You truly have no shame, compassion, consideration or understanding of life outside of your FG institution; how you can defend the most controversial and disgusting evidence of FG arrogance, lies and policies which is presented and published, reported and documented every day is way beyond my comprehension.

        Life has a way of teaching us lessons, and you will fall foul of FG politics one day – it’s inevitable; enjoy your bubble in the Alps while it lasts.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Oh god the hyperbole, Steph! A former drug user? Pure mule junkie eh? I’m sure some former Taoisigh were and are drug users. Bertie with his Bass, Cowen drunk or hungover on the radio at the “think in”, and then there’s the smokers… the nicotine addicts.

      I bet you’re not angry enough at the government to stop taking thousands of euros in free handouts, are you?!

      1. Steph Pinker

        Daisy, either you’re commenting on the wrong thread, or your thoughts are so convoluted you can’t tell the difference – I didn’t mention Leo’s drug taking on this thread, I did however focus on the evidence as published above in the photos of another FG taxpaying thief with a full stomach after eating food produced by Irish farmers; the sickening photos Murphy posted on his Twitter feed (pun not intended) are incongruous, insensitive and disingenuous as a housing minister especially considering there are nearly 11,000 people homeless, eating from cardboard on the street, windowsills or, not eating at all due to lack of resources, food, accommodation, warmth, clothing, autonomy, or the most basic inability to eat due to ‘life-changing’ injuries of the spine – not to mention every other aspect of the homelessness man’s body. Did you not notice the smug photo of Leo is above the bridge where that unfortunate man was paralysed a couple of weeks ago?

        1. Steph Pinker

          Sorry, a typo error, I meant: *Homeless; as in living in a tent in his particular case – he’ll be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life – well done FG, at least there’s one fewer person living down by the canals! Ooops, my mistake… *see top photo*

          1. Steph Pinker

            P.S. Yea, I did mention Leo’s drug taking briefly on this thread, I really admire him though so that’s why I kinda denied it initially, then I forgot it had been published so I had to backtrack and deny it and focus on other stuff which are less damaging to our handsome, tall, statesman-like taoiseach – sorry about that.

            In conclusion: FG are great and they keep the recovery going with a future to look forward to, although, can one really look forward to the past?

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