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Just over a year ago, on January 21, 2019, there was a total lunar eclipse. This horizontal composite tracks the Moon as it crossed into Earth’s dark umbral shadow in 35 consecutive frames. To wit:

Taken 3 minutes apart, they almost melt together in a continuous screen that captures the dark colours within the shadow itself and the northern curve of the shadow’s edge. Sunlight scattered by the atmosphere into the shadow causes the lunar surface to appear reddened during totality (left), but close to the umbra’s edge, the limb of the eclipsed Moon shows a remarkable blue hue. The blue eclipsed moonlight originates as rays of sunlight pass through layers high in Earth’s upper stratosphere, colored by ozone that scatters red light and transmits blue. The Moon’s next crossing into Earth’s umbral shadow, will be on May 26, 2021.

(Image: Laszlo Francsics)


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One thought on “I’m Being Followed

  1. Slightly Bemused


    I once viewed a total eclipse very close to the equator on a lovely warm, cloud free night. It was truly breathtaking!

    I often wondered how anyone looking at it could still believe the flat earth idiocy. After all, you don’t see the shadow of an elephant lifting its leg to let the sun rise!

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