Meanwhile, At Stephen’s Green


This afternoon.

Richard Chambers, of Virgin Media One, tweetz:

Taoiseach arrives on Stephen’s Green.

A homeless man looks away.

Familiar sight.



Mr Varadkar on Grafton Street.


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12 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Stephen’s Green

  1. paul

    does Leo not have a job to do? I mean, he’s earning something like 500 euro a day (before expenses) to go around throwing his face at people.

    1. george

      There is not going to be any new legislation or any new government policies as an election has been called and there are no TDs.

    1. Charger Salmons

      If my totally untrustworthy survey ( the fellers in the pub ) is anything to go by I feel you might have your wish Brother.
      The number who are saying they’re thinking of voting for the Shinners for the first time.

      1. 01101101 01100011

        well I’m one of them and I won’t waver. First time ever.

        And it’s a genuine conflict for me, I strongly disagree with their main underlying ideology but I feel we need a disruption, this disconnected ruling class party trough has to stop! I don’t want an us and them society which is what seems to be well under construction now. We’re slowly breeding a generation that don’t give a fck about their fellow man. Not an Ireland I want. Not on.

        I also have a bit of sympathy for they way they get treated in the media…..from what I can tell Eoin Ó Broin is about the only one of them that escapes being sneered at for his analysis, too knowledgeable, too expert. Mary Lou strikes me as far more capable than either Varadker or Martin. I’ve rarely heard Pearse Doherty put a foot wrong either.

        SO I’m going to try to tailor my vote so its SF and anyone except FFFGLAB i.e. to attempt to maximise the negative effects of my vote vis a vis transfers etc.


  2. postmanpat

    There’s bums there as long as I’ve shopped in town. Even during ze boom times there was always a fella or two there asking people for odds for a “hostel”

  3. DOC

    The homeless can not vote because in order to vote you need to show a proof of address
    Can you imagine the backlash if the Homeless could vote?

    1. scottser

      Homeless people can vote. They can register from an emergency accommodation. Anyway, you only need a polling card and photo ID, not proof of address.

  4. Liam Deliverance

    He gets more and more embarrassing and disappointing by the day, Dublin West you know what to do, even iphone Joan would be a better home for your vote than this knave.

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