2 thoughts on “Anything Good On National Geographic?

  1. Fearganainm

    These newly discovered members of our diaspora should be given a vote in presidential elections – they’ve surely something important to tell us about environmental issues.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    That was very interesting. I must look up more on the subject.

    It does remind of a polar bear joke my dad told me, many years ago. Given the day that’s in it, it is rather appropriate too. And for my friends who know this one,I will give the short version.

    Cork zoo was really happy when their pair of polar bears produced a little bear cub. A few years later, the mother polar bear came out of their den one day and saw her son sprawled listlessly on the rock looking down into the pool, a very dejected air about him. So mama bear comes over and asks:
    “What’s up, my son?”
    “Mama, am I really a polar bear?” asks the little fellow, sadly
    “Yes of course you are!” says mama bear
    “But are you sure?” he moans
    “Of course I am sure. I am a polar bear, your dad is a polar bear. Though you have not met them, your aunts and uncles are polar bears. So, you are a polar bear!” clarifies his mother

    But the little fellow is not convinced, and mopes off to the tree stump. So mama bear goes and asks papa polar bear to have a word.
    “What is up with this asking are you a polar bear, my son?” asks his concerned father, when he arrives at the stump
    “Dad, are you sure I am a polar bear?” asks the son
    “Of course you are!” retorts the papa bear. “Your mama is a polar bear, your papa is a polar bear. You are white, you are a bear. Polar bears are white. You are a polar bear. Why do you ask?”
    “Well, dad,” replies the son. “Polar bears come from the north pole right?”
    “Its very cold at the north pole, right?”
    “And polar bears live there with no problems, right?”
    “Right. So why do you ask if you are a polar bear?” asks the papa bear, getting frustrated
    And the son replies “Because I am fupping freezing!”

    I’ll get my coat!

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