All For Ireland


For your consideration.

A ‘Party Political Broadcast on behalf of Micheál Martin Quality Used Cars, Bandon Road, Cork

By Morgan C Jones, who writes:

An Ireland For All those thicks and self serving bastards who actually think old Captain McBusCrash would be a good idea ‘for a change’…


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4 thoughts on “All For Ireland

  1. Andrew

    It beggars belief that Fianna Faíl will most likely be the largest party in the next Daíl. Michéal Martin refuses to acknowledge the culpability of the government of which he was a minister, in the financial meltdown and subsequent €200 billion debt we are lumbered with. MOST of this debt has nothing to do with the bank bailout either.
    Unfortunately we have no part of real vision as FG failed utterly in dealing with anything after the mess except to inflate asset prices.

  2. Giles

    And Fine Gael have effectively ditched the country as brexit is about to happen so hopefully as we face the consequences of fine Gael’s negotiations can sit on the sidelines escaping accountability
    I am sure if Fianna Fáil get in
    They will be blamed yet again

    No election should of been allowed

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