‘She Delivered The Baby By The Roadside Just After 1am’


Emergency services found a woman who had given birth at the junction of Linenhall Street and North King Street early on Monday morning

This morning.

Further to reports on Monday of a woman having given birth at the junction of Linenhall Street and North King Street in central Dublin in the early hours of Monday morning…

The Irish Times reports this morning that she remained in the Rotunda Hospital last night:

The woman, who is of no fixed address but is believed to be a Dubliner, went into labour just after 1am around the junction of Linenhall Street and North King Street in what were below-zero temperatures at the time.

She delivered the baby by the roadside in the north inner city as a number of passersby and local people went to her aid on hearing her screams.

After giving birth the woman then walked southwards towards the quays and was eventually found with her baby by the emergency services at the Four Courts on Inns Quay.

…Garda sources described her as having no fixed address, although it remained unclear if she was a rough sleeper.

A number of sources in outreach services said the woman was not known to them and they believed she would be had she been sleeping on the streets.

Meanwhile, yesterday…

The Irish Independent reported:

“Despite report that the woman was homeless, a well-informed source told the Irish Independent that she was not a client of Dublin Region Homeless Executive’s (DRHE) services.”

Woman who gave birth on Dublin street remains in hospital (Conor Lally, The Irish Times)

‘Vulnerable’ woman gives birth on city street on freezing night in the capital (Irish Independent)

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9 thoughts on “‘She Delivered The Baby By The Roadside Just After 1am’

    1. A Person

      what a pathetic comment, from pathetic person. I woman in obvious suffering, but hey lets blame the “blueshirts”, whoever they are. Not even an ounce for sympathy for the poor woman. Pathetic.

    1. scottser

      i would imagine there is a lot more to this story than just a lack of services. we’d all do well to hold off on opinions and judgements on this one for now.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Plenty of maternity hospitals nearby who cope with sudden labour professionally and without constraint. Something went very wrong here. Hope mother and baby are now doing okay.

        1. max

          well they didnt stop her from walking off and making sure that she waited for the ambulance that i assume they called or ensured that she went to the hospital. Generally the sort of people you meet at 1am are either drunk or drug addled

          1. millie vanilly strikes again

            Your entire comment is based on your own extremely callous assumptions. You have any experience of childbirth yourself there, max?

            Regardless of her personal circumstances, or your opinion of them, a child was born on a street corner of our capital city in freezing temperatures, and that is horrifying and traumatic for both mother and child, and should not have happened.

            It raises some serious questions as to how she ended up in such a vulnerable state, and only reinforces what has already been highlighted in recent days regarding the holes in our health system, especially those relating to mental health.

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