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  1. Cú Chulainn

    How in the name of all that is good did Harvey Weinstein get away with raping so many young women ? Did no, no one, in the Miramax or Disney corporations call it out and do something about it. I find that almost impossible to believe, and yet it is true. What is worse is that I was told by a banking friend that they were going to the plug on him, about 3 months before this story broke, as he was overspending and behaving like a wild animal with them and they had had enough. Translation: he isn’t making enough cash anymore. He told me that the bank would get calls from the NYT, or WP on a regular basis and they had the power to quash any story but that on the next call they wouldn’t stop it. And here we are. That’s the world we live in.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I’m listening to the Epstein podcast right now and his victims reported him as early as 1996 to state police, but nothing was done and the women were not taken seriously. There is also the odd story of a Florida State Attorney that turned a blind eye on Epstein. Maybe not all cases but money can be very powerful.

  2. Charger Salmons

    It’s extraordinary that Uriah Heap Coveney has finally removed his nose from between the cheeks of the EU’s backside and realised too late the dangers facing Ireland’s economy from a No Deal Brexit.
    While his fellow glum chum Varadkar is still telling 80-seat majority Boris how to do his job.
    They gambled that sucking up to Brussels and going for the Brit-bashing vote would pay dividends at the ballot box.
    It’s been barely mentioned in my local for months now with the Irish just as glad it’s over as everyone else.
    The mood music has changed substantially in Europe but the Irish government is still singing the same old tune.
    Lads, you’ve had your day in the sun but that rodeo has moved on to the next town.
    The big boys are at play now.
    Back in your box.

      1. ReproBertie

        It’s just the usual ill informed nonsense from Spoofer.

        “the Irish just as glad it’s over as everyone else.” Nothing is even close to being over. The trade negotiations are about to begin and the UK will quickly realise that the internet lied about there being hot singles in their area.

          1. ReproBertie

            You have a post where I said that? Of course you don’t.

            If you had actually paid attention to the Sasamach process and my posts on it you’ll have seen me say, many, many times, that the backstop was going to be part of any withdrawal agreement unless and until a better option was agreed to. What Britain’s Teaboy Taoiseach eventually agreed to is the original backstop; the customs border in the Irish Sea.

            While I was saying that you were heh heh hehing about the impending no deal exit and Ireland being chucked under a bus by the EU. How did that work out for you?

          2. Charger Salmons

            When did the UK vote to leave the EU with a deal ?
            The question on the EU referendum vote was:
            ” Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? ”
            To which the answers available were:
            ” Remain a member of the European Union or
            Leave the European Union ”
            Have a good look to see if you can find the word deal in there anywhere.

          3. bisted

            …the referendum question was: do you wish to leave/remain in EU…a clear majority voted to leave…after obfuscation a party emerged who went into an election on the basis that they would implement the democratically expressed will of the electorate…they received a ‘stonking’ majority…they have stated that if the EU don’t give them the deal they want they will leave with no deal…you might not like it but that’s democracy…

          4. ReproBertie

            So a majority voted to leave the EU which they are doing tomorrow.

            Then a majority voted for a party that were promising to get a withdrawal agreement through so that they could leave. How is that voting for No Deal?

            I don’t see anything in the referendum question about the future relationship which is what the EU and UK are preparing to negotiate.

          5. Cú Chulainn

            To charger re the backstop: the uk government has just put a border down the Irish Sea .. everyone else knows what that means.. even Arleen (whispered in my ear ‘I like to be choked’) Foster is coming to the Late Late to talk about how the Shinners shot her dad – who just happened to be in the UDR..!!!! What’s actually happening is that the UK are stuffing us with 1.5m unionists who are emotional pigmy’s who cannot even manage local government while thinking they are better than their neighbors.. as you like to say yourself – keep up old boy..

          6. Charger Salmons

            It’s at times like this I wish Google Translate did a Drunk Gombeen Foaming At The Mouth to English version …

          7. milk teeth

            However there was a lot of stuff from the no campaign at the time of the referendum, which I assume voters used to make their decisions, which nearly all said ‘we will have a trade deal’ ‘easyest deal of all time’ etc.

          8. Charger Salmons

            At 11pm tomorrow the UK will become the EU’s biggest single market.
            And without a split parliament Boris will now be negotiating with a considerably stronger hand than May.
            These two factors will be very apparent to the EU trade negotiators.
            The optics have changed.
            There’s a new show in town.

          9. bisted

            …agree…the UK position remains unchanged…EU needs us more than we need them…just sit back and the EU will come banging on the door…UK deal or no deal…what can possibly go wrong…

          10. ReproBertie

            The UK have may some new clowns but it’s the same circus.

            So far the teaboy Taoiseach has managed to negotiate a worse deal than May had and get it passed by the British Dáil. His own ridiculous deadline will mean he has to accept concession after concession if he wants a trade deal and be under no illusion, he wants a trade deal.

          11. ReproBertie

            “good…so we are all agreed…there was nothing in the referendum question about future agreements…”
            Indeed, so they didn’t vote for No Deal because they weren’t asked about the future arrangements. They were asked to leave or remain and they chose leave which they do tomorrow.

          12. Charger Salmons

            He’s floundering now.
            Like he did when they ditched the backstop.
            ” Reset.Recalibrate.System Failure.Derp derp. “

          13. Spaghetti Hoop

            There is no ‘new show’. Britain is now an old show in town looking for deals always always always on their terms. It will start trying to broker deals with its ex colonies – but it won’t get the favourable rates the EU enjoyed because the import volumes are simply not there. They’ll be growing veg and rearing pigs on the village greens again.

          14. ReproBertie

            “He’s floundering now.”

            “When people attack the writer and the publication but say nothing about the content you know it’s touched a raw nerve.”

            Heh x3.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    So, RTÉ are running a two person ‘party leader’’ debate on tuesday next. https://www.rte.ie/news/election-2020/2020/0127/1111039-rte-party-leaders-debates-explained/
    The excuse / ‘reason’ given is laughable.
    This debate is basically telling the voters that there is really only two choices as people’s main vote. RTE has been dependent on those two parties for its funding.
    Such a debate is a sham, as FFG have been in a C&S arrangement for years, and are singing off the same hymn sheet.
    On top of that you have the sister of a FF minister hosting it.

    1. Cian

      The reality is that the next taosaich is going to be either (probably) Martin or (possibly) Vardaker. Posh-girl McDonald and her party are toxic – nobody will play with them.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        So, Cian, how does that tie in with the ‘decision’ by RTE?

        The idea of a debate is to get at least two different viewpoints. The opposition is missing from this. It’s not a debate, but a cosy get-together by the two parties who have been in power during the last Dail, moderated by a FF TDs sister, on a channel that relies on the government for funding.

        You now have two party leaders, one who has failed in any ministries he’s been head of, and the other, who has been part of a lengthy FF term in office and who has rested party month in his wife’s account, going to defend the real Posh Boys Eoghan ‘Bougique hotel’ Murphy and Simon’I don’t attend Children’s Hospital Meetings’ Harris.
        Tsk tsk

          1. GiggidyGoo

            So which part of my original post did you not understand? It was about RTE not having an opposition leader on for the debate. You know – the object of debate is to have different viewpoints, not one supplying confidence with the others viewpoint.
            If you’re having difficulty debating that, that’s you’re look out.

  4. Treasa

    I see FFG’s Project Fear has been kicked into gear. The spin being: vote conservatively, troubled waters ahead. Which party does Phil Hogan, klaxon-caller for Project Fear, belong to again?

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