Earlier this evening.

The Department of Housing released its latest homeless figures which showed there were 9,731 people (6,309 adults and 3,422 children) living in emergency accommodation in the final week of December 2019.

This represents a decrease of 387 adults and a decrease of 330 children compared to the figures for November 2019 when there were 10,448 people (6,696 adults and 3,752 children) living in emergency accommodation in the final week of November 2019.

In October, the figure recorded was 10,514 people (6,688 adults and 3,826 children).

In November 2018, the figure was 9,968; in December 2018, 9,753; in January 2019, 9,987; in February 2019, 10,264; in March 2019, 10,305; in April 2019, 10,378; in May 2019, 10,253; in June 2019, 10,172; in July 2019, 10,275; in August 2019, 10,338; in September 2019, 10,397.

*Earlier this evening we had a post up with the wrong figures. Sincere apologies.

Via Department of Housing

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7 thoughts on “9,731

  1. Hick

    Amazing timing that’s there a decrease just shy of a week before an election. But it’s great news really there are now ONLY 9.7k adults and CHILDREN homeless.

  2. Eoineyo

    Now if I was cynical I would say how odd it is with just over a week to go to a general election over 700 people are housed in the space of a couple of weeks, when in the previous 9 years we have seen it go up and up despite adjusting the criteria to remove people from the same list. I can’t wait to hear Pat Kenny tell us about the trojan work being done to start getting the numbers down at such at critical time for a party about to be wiped out.
    But I’m not cynical and I don’t question anything.

  3. Portroegirl

    Why has the numbers of homeless in TEAs or Temporary Emergency Accommodation (with NO SUPPORTS or MINIMAL SUPPORTS,chart says) increased by 1,677% when you compare Dec’18 stats of 123 people & Dec’19 stats of 2186!?
    It’s not a pattern if you assess the following:
    : Dec’16 :TEA figures=202
    : Dec’17:TEA figures 158
    :Dec’18:TEA figures=123
    But in Dec’19:TEA figures it escalates dramatically to 2186 which is a 1,677% increase!
    Plus these homeless people have. NO SUPPORT/MINIMAL SUPPORTS,chart says!

  4. :-Joe

    Someone in BS mission control is deleting comments for what appears to be very arbitrary reasons?

    Other posts have also disappeared and I was first to have posted a sarcastic comment about the timing and believability on this before and then also referring to the homeless person nearly killed under the bridge recently.

    You can’t honestly be deleting posts just for using the words “sleeping in a cardbord bed made from frozen rain and piss” etc. etc. Are you BS?

    Otherwise there’s a weird feeling of censorship going on here… maybe it’s just personal towards me?


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