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This afternoon.


For a party headquarters to effectively tell the media, as they have in this case, that they consider one of their own candidates too incompetent to face a media interview is, and there’s no other word for it, astonishing.

It’s not surprising that they would have conducted a preparatory mock interview with her, nor that they would have decided that in the circumstances, putting her on air was not a good decision.

But in this case, somebody has actively decided to inform a reporter that they’re hiding their own candidate from the press because they do not trust her. That’s a level of viciousness that’s extraordinary, especially given that it is towards one of their own.

And it’s not the first time, either. Or the second. In recent years Fine Gael has displayed more brutality and vindictiveness towards its own members than it ever has towards its political opponents.

…If you come across a young person who’s thinking of joining Fine Gael, give them one piece of advice: Don’t ever make a mistake. Because Fine Gael won’t just try to ruin your life – they’ll actively seem to enjoy doing it.

Fine Gael tears one of its own to pieces. Again. (John McGuirk, Gript)

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6 thoughts on “Now Free To Air

  1. Liam Deliverance

    I very much doubt that she will do an interview and I imagine once the election is over it is the last we will see of her as a member of FG.

    Was she any good at being a senator?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I’m not so sure. There are folk who go round labelling other folk as ‘on the spectrum’ and a ‘bit simple’ and ‘not the full shilling’, ‘looks like a knacker’ and think that’s perfectly fine. They say 24/7 a lot and give out about customer service constantly. It’s a superiority thing. I believe she has her voters, who believe she tells it as it is. She could well regain her seat.

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