Feel The Fear


This morning.

Fine Gael Generel Election HQ.

Above from left: Minister for Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform, and Fine Gael Director of Elections, Paschal Donohoe, Marcella Corcoran Kennedy, Fine Gael candidate for Laois-Offaly, and member of the Oireachtas Committee on Climate and Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton set out their party’s climate action plans .

OF recent polls, Mr Donohoe said:

“Fianna Fail are putting forward their worst hits of their recent past and what Sinn Fein are offering is the kind of ideas that will do such harm to workers income, to wages and to their jobs.

“They have claimed they are going to put forward new ideas for investment involving 15 different tax hikes – tax hikes that would be bad for those at work, tax hikes that would be bad for those looking to create jobs.”


This morning.

Fianna Fáil General Election 2020 HQ, Dublin.

Fianna Fáil Finance Spokesperson Michael McGrath (above left) and Health Spokesperson Stephen Donnelly begin the last week of the General Election campaign.

Of Sinn Fein’s poll rise, Mr McGrath said:

“In the real world, people change their behaviour, they make investment decisions depending on the change in taxation and enterprise landscape in the country.

“Sinn Fein want to make this a very cold place for business. They want to tax employment through increasing PRSI (Pay Related Social Insurance), they want to tax people over 100,000 euro under the pretence that won’t affect anybody below 100,000 euro.”


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4 thoughts on “Feel The Fear

  1. phil

    The Big 4, Deloitte , EY , PWC and KPMG, Im sure would be identified as job creators, and Ill bet they would agree with the sentiments stated above. I wonder sometimes, how long would they survive without state ‘business’

    Alternatively , the ICT sector would be very annoyed with SinFein proposed tax changes, but as an ICT worker for the past 15yrs , I’ve sometimes been amazed with the grants this sector gets from Enterprise Ireland, 50 something percent of my salary is being returned to my company because my role is Identified as R&D , I dont do R&D …

    my point is , its time to try change, if it dont work , we can switch back and Ill shutup …

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