Too Proud To Beg



Captions reads:

“The Guards – Beggars Bush – Irish Republican Army – February – 4th 1922 – The men who fought for the freedom of Ireland (the first unit of IRA in uniform)”.

The Guards at Beggar’s Bush (UCD Digital Library)

3 thoughts on “Too Proud To Beg

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Oh wow! My Grandad is surely in that picture (not enough resolution to be sure, but I think I see him!) He led the forces who took command of the barracks in Dublin, and then eventually the Áras from the British forces at that time. We have a picture of him marching into the Áras, and later posing, but none of him in other barracks!

    At his funeral we did a reprisal of the route he took from barracks to barracks, starting at Beggars Bush!

    @Iowa: different time, long before Nazis. Please do not use that slur for them in that time. Feel what you will, but they believed they were fighting for the freedom of this country. This was the moment that embodied that they achieved what freedom we currently have.

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