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  1. Salmon Eile

    Corbett family shocked that years of beating a path to the Indo/Sindo and RTE are back to the start.

  2. Steph Pinker

    That’s the only ‘debate’ I’ve watched but despite the continuous buffering (and bluffing) on RTÉ of this so-called debate, the closing question put to the three leaders was whether they had any political regrets; as a consequence, I have You’re Beautiful, and Little Lies as song earworms – what a pathetic representation of elected representatives.

    There were many words used but very few were expressed with sincerity, to the point whereby I feel embarrassed for all of them. Body language speaks volumes and none of the leaders lived up to their title. The state of Irish politics is in a bad state.

  3. V

    Just in case ye missed it
    The Tracker Scandal has officially grown
    I imagine it’ll be after the election before it all gets the Splash treatment
    But ye can tell there AIB alone have upped their provision by an extra 300 mil

    Just pretend ye didn’t notice

    1. Ringsend Incinerator

      Of course, it will be all “Mary Lou’s stumble” from the usual suspects instead of reporting on matters of substance.

      Even Paddy Websummit gets it:


      “I run an Irish business. We employ 200+ people full time in Ireland

      When @ibec_irl Danny says @sinnfeinireland
      manifesto could have “grave implications” for Ireland’s economy, he means “grave implications” for his crony pals in big insurers & big banks.”

      1. Hector Ramirez

        When you consider every question she was asked, she went off on what the other two parties did wrong. We all know what they did wrong, we don’t want Mary Lou waffling on about it. We want to know what her and her party’s solutions are.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          But each of them did the same thing.
          She did put forward solutions.

          It happened on the show I watched

    2. Steph Pinker

      I don’t know about the tracker mortgages scandal, but aren’t AIB and BoI in the midst of privatising their ATMs to the US company Euronet? Which, in effect, will mean that every time a customer [i.e., us] withdraws their own money from their own account – irrespective of the amount – could potentially be charged up to E3.95 per transaction; these charges per transaction will also be on top of the existing fees which we, the customers incur each month by the same banks which were bailed out by us, the taxpayer.

      I hope I’m wrong about this, but there’s no way I’m paying any more fees, I’ll buy a bigger mattress if I have to and deal solely in cash from now on – either that, or I’ll just give it to a local charity where I can actually see the benefits to society.

      1. ReproBertie

        Not the ATMs in or at the branches. They are selling the ones in shops around the country. Not that that makes it OK or anything.

      2. kellma

        use the “cash back” facility at the supermarkets and petrol stations more. That is what i will be doing. nearly 4 euro to take cash out is mental.

      3. V

        The solution you are looking for is your local Credit Union

        With current accounts now available in circa thirty of the biggest ones
        And more to follow
        As well as mortgages

        Cooperative financial institutions folks
        Saving together Borrowing from each other
        Owned by members and Managed by members

        If you really want to take your business out of the main Street banking system, and have it work for you, and give you an equal say
        Join and support your local Credit Union

        Retail Banks cannot compete with a Common Bond Cooperative Movement
        And despite the efforts of the Irish Banking lobby, their man Brian Hayes and his former colleague, Paschal Donohue, and their attempts to suffocate us with unfair Regularity Charges
        And a Regulatory Reserve requirement that also serves as another Bank Bailout,

        We’re still going

        And to borrow from our new national advertising campaign

  4. Truth in the News

    Law and order used to be the great catch phrase of the Cosgrave’s,if there is such dedication
    to the rule of law how do the present ruling elite explain their appointment of the present head
    of Guards in view of decisions previously communicated by him when a senior member of the
    PSNI in respect of “Glenanne Gang”, this decision was overturned in the Courts recently with
    a direction that a full investigation is instigated into this UVF killer gang and its collusion with
    certain organs of the so called security apparatus in the North

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Odd that Miriam O callaghan didn’t ask Martin about the Fr. Molloy case. after all it’s recent history and a FF TD was present in the house on the night in question.
    Odd also that she didn’t ask Varadkar about Noonan and the ‘Grace’ case in Waterford. More recent history and questions to answer.
    But she did ask Mary Lou O’Donnell about a politician in another jurisdiction and something he said in that jurisdiction.
    There seemed to be a lot more time, uninterrupted by the hosts, allowed to Martin and Varadkar, than to O’Donnell who was constantly interrupted by both hosts as she made her points.
    And what came out of the night was that the only one with ideas and a true willingness to try change the direction of this country was SF. FF and FG gave us the same old sewer politics.
    Varadkar couldn’t get away from AIB paying NO corporation tax. Both he and Martin had no reply to the accusation that they were choir boys for the ‘little or no tax’ corporations and vulture funds.
    Varadkar lost points here. Martin gained some and O’Donnell gained some. It wasn’t a leaders ‘debate’ though and no opportunity was afforded to the leaders to debate with each other.

    1. Rob_G

      I don’t think anyone from FF or FG accused the departed priest or Grace of being criminals – a member of the party that MLM leads did besmirch the name of a murder victim. And when MLM was asked about it at a previous debate, she denied it. It was only when she a quote of the slur had been found, and there was no possibility to deny or obfuscate the issue, that she acknowledged what her colleague had said, and the hurt that he had caused.

      1. They call me Stacey


        Besides Sinn Fein offer more of the same
        They’ve been swilling at the trough in Northern Ireland and Westminister for several years while doing no work
        For fupps sake this is not even contested

    2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      When she was asking about the Special Criminal Court she should also ask why SF/IRA have kangaroo courts that are used to hide pedophiles.

  6. garrett

    fg and ff have already agreed to support each other in power. The only thing stopping them is the fact that together they may not get a majority

    Sinn Fen cant do half of what they are promising, Angela Merkle will see to that.

    The good thing is; the rise of SF will spook Brussels. Already the Polish government has given itself the power to sack Judges who don’t go along with what the government want, including rejecting EU Law.

    And what’s the relationship between Miriam O’Callaghan’s husband and Fine Gael? And why has any reference to it been removed from Google?

    1. Rob_G

      “Angela Merkel will see to that” – how would she do that? We haven’t had the troika for about 5 years now.

      1. italia'90

        Do we stiII owe German bondhoIders for the private banking debt that magicaIIy became sovereign debt?
        Are our budgets stiII being examined by German Finance Committees for review before being announced in the DaiI?

  7. Charger Salmons

    Fintan O’Foole is a strange cove.
    After nearly four years of denouncing Brexit as an “English nationalist revolution”, he now says that “there can be no progressive government in Ireland without Sinn Fein.”
    Just like those halcyon days when he denounced the EU as criminals for making Ireland bail out the bondholders.

  8. Charger Salmons

    Some good news on the urgent search for a vaccine against coronavirus out of Blighty.

    ” The scientist leading the UK’s research into a coronavirus vaccine says his team have made a significant breakthrough by reducing a part of the normal development time from “two to three years to just 14 days”.

    Professor Robin Shattock, head of mucosal infection and immunity at Imperial College London, said the team will now be able to start testing the vaccine on animals as early as next week, with the hope that human studies could take place in the summer.

    Speaking to Sky News he said: “Conventional approaches usually take at least two to three years before you even get to the clinic. And we’ve gone from that sequence to generating a candidate in the laboratory in 14 days.

    “And we will have it in animal models by the beginning of next week. We’ve short-tracked that part. “

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