Cleaning Up Their Act


Dublin Cycling Campaign mapped locations of falls across Dublin city centre in recent weeks

Further to The Dublin Cycling Campaign map showing many cycle falls are happening in the vicinity of large construction sites.

Dublin Cycling Campaign writes:

Dublin City Council responded with a statement that the council’s road maintenance division had inspected all of the roads and junctions which the cycling campaign had flagged as being hazardous. Additionally, Dublin City Council said it was committed to prioritising the cleaning of these junctions with a mechanical road sweeper, as part of their ongoing street cleaning activities.

Regarding one specific area, Dublin City Council said:

“There was evidence to suggest that the oil spillage related to construction activity from an adjacent construction site. The affected road was treated and a ‘Notice of Offence’ under Section 13(10) of the Road Act, 1993 was served on the contractor responsible for these works.”

Kevin Baker, of the Dublin Cycling Campaign writes:

“Construction contractors have been put on notice by Dublin City Council’s enforcement action. Any construction contractors who are currently negligent need to literally clean up their act before any more people cycling are injured

In fairness.

Dublin Cycling Campaign

Saturday: Where They Fell

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2 thoughts on “Cleaning Up Their Act

  1. John

    Well done Dublin Cycling Campaign.
    Its great to see some action coming from this analysis of the cycling accidents.
    Hopefully Dublin City council will change their procedures in relation to road cleaning to take into account large construction projects into the future. And that these learnings can be fanned out across the other councils.

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