From top Taoiseach Leo Varadkar leaving Marconi House after an interview with Newstalk’s Pat Kenny this morning. Michael Noonan with Paschal Donohoe in 2017

This morning.

Via Newstalk:

Mr Varadkar said he doesn’t feel undermined by Michael Noonan backing Paschal Donohoe to be the Fine Gael leader.

Mr Noonan – who is not running for re-election – told’s Floating Voter podcast that it’s an open secret he wanted Donohoe to replace Enda Kenny.

The intervention comes with Leo Varadkar under pressure as polls ahead of the election show support for the party falling.

The Taoiseach, however, denied that he felt undermined by the intervention – saying Mr Noonan also said on the podcast that Mr Varadkar has been a ‘great Taoiseach’.

The Fine Gael leader said: “I can see how people will try to make a bigger story out of it than it is.

No finer endorsement.

Varadkar: Time Has Come For Sinn Féin Tp Openly Support The Special Criminal Court (Newstalk)

Noonan backs Donohoe to be Fine Gael leader as pressure mounts on Varadkar (




8 thoughts on “My Boy

  1. dav

    Kiss of death for Donohoe’s chances. Who want’s to be selected by a man who dragged a dying lady through the courts..

    1. Liam Deliverance

      +1 – Donohoe has turned out to be a creepy crawly two faced little reptile in recent weeks and months.

  2. Christopher

    “Nothing about their record on housing, nothing about the disgrace that is our public health service, nothing about about ferociously high rents. An utter joke.”

    Yes this points have not been talked about ad nauseum for the past 3 weeks alright- they have barely been raised have they. Why not ask them AGAIN and hope that the answers change.

    1. V

      Shur’ he didn’t even reach the quota the last time out
      Media were even asked to keep their cameras off him
      And let him poo himself in peace as that last count shuffled on

      And the gas thing is it was the Shinner’s transfers that got him that last leg up

    2. Otis Blue

      The hoor must be hoping that the coming election proves Varadkar to be an even worse FG Leader than he was. He led FG to a disastrous 2002 general election, dropping from 54 seats to 31.

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