Sneaky Heads Up


From left: Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin, Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar and Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald during the final TV leaders’ debate at the RTÉ studios in Donnybrook, Dublin on Tuesday night

This evening.

Via An Phoblacht:

RTÉ provided Fianna Fáil with advance notice of the topics for the RTÉ Leaders’ Debate on Tuesday, An Phoblacht can reveal.

Correspondence seen by An Phoblacht shows that an e-mail outlining the main questions and topics was provided to Fianna Fáil at 1.24am on Tuesday morning.

However Sinn Féin, who only received an invite to the debate on Monday after widespread public outrage over their exclusion, did not receive similar information until 13 hours later, despite repeated requests


Exclusive: RTÉ provided Fianna Fáil advance notice of Leaders’ Debate questions (An Phoblacht)


Thanks Vanessa

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8 thoughts on “Sneaky Heads Up

  1. Niall

    Horror of horrors
    FF were warned that they’d be asked about housing, health, the economy, taxation and climate issues during an election debate!
    Only for the deep state FF moles in RTÉ they would never have prepared for topics like that.

  2. Hector Ramirez

    A nothing story, a Sinn Fein paper has seen correspondence that states questions were given to FF… and Pravda had correspondence of Boris Yeltsin single handily starting the Bolshevik revolution…

    But I suppose it does what it’s meant to do, lead the easily led on social media, to the conclusion voting Sinn Féin would be in their best interests.

    1. Steph Pinker

      Hector, it’s not a ‘nothing story’; as anyone who has worked in any aspect of media knows, legally, each and every person/ candidate to be interviewed has to be provided with a list of potential questions, especially if it’s a live production, however, if it’s pre-recorded, the less desirable *cough* responses can be edited. The point here – unless I’m morphing into a tin-foil hat wearer – is that, there is a prominent RTÉ presenter* with familial connections to a prominent FF TD.

      I’m open to correction, in which case, I’ll replace the aluminum with a metallic colander – either that or get a lobotomy and have my brain replaced with a cauliflower.

      *I’m not naive enough there’s only one – sheeesh!

      1. Hector Ramirez

        So Sinn Fein got the questions too (legally obligated after all) but they got them 12 hrs after FF (if this story is to be believe). If this is the case, Sinn Fein receive the questions at 2pm and the debate was at 9.30… was Mary Lou was ill prepared then?

        And on your tinfoil hat theory, yes from my experience, when things don’t go the way a party’s (any party) way, it’s always a conspiracy.

        1. Steph Pinker

          While you’ve conveyed your concerns now – why didn’t you articulate them so concisely before and without the sarcasm?

          Nonetheless, one has to consider the context: until last weekend, SF were excluded from RTÉ’s final leaders’ debate because the presumption was that FF and FG were and still would be the two most popular parties (according to previous polls) on election day, however, it’s pretty obvious that RTÉ’s bias in showing their political hand has increased support for SF dramatically, to the point whereby SF are now leading in the polls two days before the GE. Bearing that in mind, now consider the delay in proffering the legal and potential running list of questions to SF which were to be asked of all party leaders during the debate – don’t you think it’s odd that SF got these questions 13 hours after RTÉ condescended to *allow* them debate and don’t you also think it’s odd that FG haven’t even commented on such antics? Some would even class it as propaganda.

          As to Mary-Lou, I’m not a SF supporter and never have been, so I can’t comment on the intricacies of the party, however, she is au fait with political machinations and everything it entails just as every other career politician is; my point is, we live in a democracy and to have the state broadcaster influencing, interfering in such a manner with the electorate and propagandising due to business/ political/ familial connections is anathema to me.

  3. RuilleBuille

    Anyone with an unbiased eye can see that SF are treated much harsher on RTE than other parties. Attacks on them ranging from subtle to vitriolic are common place.

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