“When You Leave This Studio, Could You Pick Up The Phone And Talk To Her?”


From top: Sinn Féin president Mary Lou McDonald; Virgin Media News’ Colette Fitzpatrick; Virgin Media News last night

Last night.

On Virgin Media News, broadcaster Colette Fitzpatrick interviewed Sinn Féin president Mary Lou McDonald.

It follow Sinn Féin’s Conor Murphy, who is Minister for Finance in the North, apologising to the family of Paul Quinn who was murdered at the age of 21 in Monaghan 13 years ago.

In 2007 Mr Murphy told BBC Spotlight that Mr Quinn was involved in criminality.

From the interview…

Colette Fitzpatrick: “Your party colleague Conor Murphy issued a statement this afternoon saying his remarks about Paul Quinn are a matter of regret. He said he was sorry and that they added to the grief for that family and what they felt and he wanted to apologise for that. ‘A matter of regret’. Does that go in anywhere near being enough for an apology for Breege Quinn and her family?”

Mary Lou McDonald: “Well, Breege Quinn and the family made very plain that they wanted the record set straight in respect of their son, their son who received a really, really brutal death at the hands of criminals and they felt very aggrieved. And that grief has endured over a long number of years and Breege Quinn was very clear that she wished a retraction and an apology and that it would be done publicly and on the public record.”

Fitzpatrick: “‘A matter of regret’ for saying that her murdered son was involved in smuggling and criminality…”

McDonald: “Well it’s a full withdrawal and retraction of the comments and a very sincere apology. I know I hear, earlier today, Colette, I heard Breege speaking on the radio. I know that she indicated that she had taken some comfort from the words that I had to say on the previous evening [on RTÉ’s Prime Time debate] and I hope that they take now some comfort from this complete retraction and sincere apology.”

Fitzpatrick: “Ok, how would you categorise his remarks? What would you call them? Would you say they were abhorrent? What he said about Paul Quinn.”

McDonald: “I think that they were extremely hurtful, extremely hurtful at the time when they had lost their son and they were traumatised to lose their son so brutally and so suddenly.”

Fitzpatrick: “You don’t think they were abhorrent?”

McDonald: “I think they were clearly abhorrent for the Quinn family, of course they were, Colette. I mean, I’m not, the commentary has been entirely withdrawn and apologised for and the reason for that is because the comments were wrong. At the time when this murder occured there was commentary around criminality and activities up around the Border but it is entirely wrong to suggest that Paul was in any way implicated.”

Fitzpatrick: “Ok, so you agree the comments were abhorrent. Do you think Conor Murphy should now go to the gardaí and the PSNI and tell them who the men were that he spoke to? Cause he says he spoke to men in the IRA about this. Give them the names.”

McDonald: “Well, Conor, at the time, spoke to both the gardaí and the PSNI at the time he was an elected MP for the area.”

Fitzpatrick: “Did he give them names though, Mary Lou?”

McDonald: “I don’t know, I wasn’t privy to the conversation. But you can be sure that Conor or anybody else is duty-bound to cooperate with what is an ongoing investigation.”

Fitzpatrick: “So have you asked him, have you spoken to him today and have you asked him to go the gardai and the PSNI to give them those names?”

McDonald: “Colette, it’s not necessary for me to ask Conor to do that.”

Fitzpatrick: “So you haven’t asked him?”

McDonald: “Conor has already, back when this happened, spoken to the gardai and the PSNI. And it’s for the gardai and the PSNI to advance this investigation. It’s not for me and it’s not…”

Fitzpatrick: “Yeah, but there’s a distinction, Mary Lou, between speaking to the gardai and the PSNI and giving the gardai and the PSNI the names of the men that he says he spoke to in the IRA.”

McDonald: “At the time he said that he spoke to republicans in the area because there was a speculation obviously as to who was responsible for this absolutely horrendous crime. He spoke to local republicans and they said that there was no republican involvement. But Colette, let me just repeat, in any of these investigations, it is the duty and at the discretion of the PSNI and the Garda Síochána to pursue their lines of investigation.”

Fitzpatrick: “I’m just going to ask you one final time.”

McDonald: “Sure.”

Fitzpatrick: “Will you ask Conor Murphy to give the names of those men to the gardai and the PSNI? It’s a yes or no. Will you ask him to do that?”

McDonald: “It’s actually not a yes or a no, Colette, with all due respect. It is, my position is that the investigation must be cooperated with. I mean there’s no ambiguity, there’s no lack…”

Fitzpatrick: “Well why wouldn’t you ask him to do that?”

McDonald: “Because he has spoken to the authorities already. You are inferring that in some way – and I think it’s quite unfair, if I might say so – that Conor is in some way obstructing an investigation. He’s not. At the time…”

Fitzpatrick: “But if he doesn’t give the gardai and the PSNI the names of the men he spoke to, he might possibly be obstructing that investigation.”

McDonald: “I don’t accept that. I think that if Conor or anybody else has information that is material to finding those that carried out this dastardly murder, of course they need to bring information forward. I don’t have to say that to Conor, that is as a matter of course. For Conor Murphy or for anybody else for that matter.”

Fitzpatrick: “Have you spoken to Breege Quinn yourself?”

McDonald: “I haven’t.”

Fitzpatrick:  “Are you going to?”

McDonald: “I haven’t…well, if Breege wishes to speak to me, I would be more than happy to…”

Fitzpatrick:  “She has said she wants to speak to you.”

McDonald: “Well that’s…I will speak to her so.”

Fitzpatrick:  “When you leave this studio, could you pick up the phone and talk to her?”

McDonald: “Well I don’t have a telephone number for her.”

Fitzpatrick: “Every journalist in the country has her telephone number.”

McDonald: “Certainly if I am provided with a telephone number, I’ll be more than happy to speak to her.”

Fitzpatrick:  “You’re going to call her? You’ll call her when you leave this studio?”

McDonald: “Yes.”

Fitzpatrick:  “Okay. What happened to Paul Quinn on the night. He was lured into a barn in Co Monaghan and when he got there, ten or more men beat him with an iron and nail-studded bar for upwards of half an hour. His friends that were there and being held hostage at the time said they could hear the bars bouncing off him. Every single major bone in his body was broken. He was screaming and crying in agony. Horrific injuries, an excruciating death. He died two hours later in hospital. His mother said at the time his hands were so badly beaten, she couldn’t even wrap rosary beads around his fingers as he lay in the coffin. And all of that, nine years after the Good Friday Agreement.”

McDonald: “The death that Paul Quinn had was absolutely horrific. There aren’t words to describe the horror of that, of that murder.”

Fitzpatrick: “Gerry Adams made similar comments about Paul Quinn. Would you ask him to withdraw his remarks?”

McDonald: “Well look, the family specifically took issue with the remarks that Conor had made because they specifically implied – wrongly – that Paul was involved in criminality. I think other commentary..”

Fitzpatrick:  “As did Gerry Adams’ remarks…”

McDonald: “Well people – Gerry made comments, others made comments also.”

Fitzpatrick: “He said criminality as well.”

McDonald: “Well people made comments about criminality up around the Border region. I don’t think the comments were quite as explicit. I mean, at the time, the then Taoiseach Bertie Ahern also made commentary.”

[On November 14, 2007, the then Taoiseach Bertie Ahern told the Dáil: “We have received a number of reports from the Garda and secondhand from the PSNI, and both of them match at this stage, that this action was due to criminality. I accept issues arise about where these people came from in the past, what they did previously and the fact that the format of the killing had a resemblance to what happened in the past. That has been in every newspaper in Northern Ireland in recent weeks. Our intelligence and information is that this was not the work of the provisional republican movement and that it was not sanctioned or condoned by it or by the Sinn Féin leadership.”

[On December 18, 2007, Mr Ahern told the Dáil: “In dealing with questions in this House and elsewhere, I shared certain information about the lines of inquiry being pursued and in speaking about criminality I was responding to questions asked on whether the murder had a political motivation or implications for the Northern Ireland Executive.

I did not in any way intend to make an issue out of the character of Paul Quinn and I am happy to make that clear to the House.

It remains the case that no information is available to me from the Garda Commissioner to suggest this attack was authorised or sanctioned by the IRA, a question I am continually asked outside the House….I am glad to state what the Minister told the family yesterday, that we have no evidence whatsoever that Paul Quinn was involved in criminal activity.”]

Fitzpatrick:  “I’ll tell you exactly what Gerry Adams said. He said ‘linked to fuel smuggling and criminal activity’, that’s what he said Paul’s Quinn murder was, ‘linked to fuel smuggling and criminal activity’.”

McDonald: “Yes and others made those remarks as well. I think – and I can’t pretend to speak on behalf of the family – but I think what they took exception and hurt from what Conor said is that it was more explicit in relation to Paul. And Colette, I’m not trying to explain of this away: the remarks have been withdrawn. That was the correct thing to do.”

Fitzpatrick:  “But it has taken 13 years for this to happen. Why has this taken so long?”

McDonald: “It shouldn’t have taken so long.”

Fitzpatrick:  “Why suddenly has Conor Murphy apologised in the middle of an election campaign?”

McDonald: “It shouldn’t have taken 13 years, these matters should have been clarified and the Quinn family should have been given that easement a long, long time ago.”

Fitzpatrick: “You were asked about this a number of times over the last couple of days and you haven’t dealt with it until today, or Conor Murphy hasn’t dealt with it. And the issue is: Was someone telling you what to do? Was someone advising you, on this, on what to say or do? Were you taking instructions from anybody on this?”

McDonald: “Absolutely not, Colette. Absolutely not.”

Fitzpatrick: “Are you sure?”

McDonald: “I am absolutely certain of that point. Breege Quinn was on the RTE airwaves. She made her position clear. I was then subsequently, because we are in an election campaign, I was asked on the matter naturally. And I moved to speak… ”

Fitzpatrick: “Because the charge is that there are shadowy figures…”

McDonald: “That charge is entirely…”

Fitzpatrick: “…telling you and Michelle O’Neill what to do.”

McDonald: “And do you actually believe that, Colette?”

Fitzpatrick: “It’s not for me say whether I believe that or not. That’s the charge that’s been laid against you and Michelle O’Neill.”

McDonald: “Let me refute, in the strongest terms, that charge. Nobody tells me what to do. Nobody pulls my strings or Michelle O’Neill’s. We are entirely capable of arriving at decisions and making our own decisions. I know my own mind, I also know right from wrong and I make my own decisions.”

Fitzpatrick:  “The PSNI said that the IRA Army Council still retains an oversight of Sinn Féin. They said that back in the…”

McDonald: “Well they’re wrong. That is entirely, entirely farcical. And can I just say to you, as it happens, yesterday, Michelle O’Neill in the North, the Joint First Minister, was actually present at the beginning of recruitment campaign for the PSNI because the policing service has to be representative – sorry [as she was being interrupted] – of the community that it serves. So those remarks are wholly wrong and wholly inaccurate.”

Fitzpatrick: “Ok.”

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65 thoughts on ““When You Leave This Studio, Could You Pick Up The Phone And Talk To Her?”

  1. PointofOrder

    Are the media really dredging up something that happened 13 years ago because they can’t handle Sinn Féin’s surge in the polls? It’s so blatant. I really hope the electorate are intelligent enough to see through this & will continue to vote for SF on Saturday.

    1. newsjustin

      The economic crash was 13 years ago. And that still gets spoken about and (rightly) put to Fianna Fail.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        the effects of the crash are still with us today – in schools, hospitals, housing etc. etc

        1. newsjustin

          Paul Quinn is still dead, no one has been convicted of his murder, at least 10 people know what happened, his family is still broken-hearted. That’s all still with us.

          1. 01101101 01100011

            its with you maybe newsjustin but tbh it doesn’t and wont cross my mind from one day to the next. cold much? see to me it’s just another sad sad story, to me it’s just like the 1,000,000’s of other horror stories that happen on a daily basis in the world, here and abroad. hangon, have I enough money to pay for my leap card? meh. I know a bit about WW2. very sad, isn’t it? those GI’s that were knowingly sent to their deaths on D-Day jumping off landing boats to be sawn in half by German MG42 machine guns. dreadful stuff. but I’m living in a hovel and eating muck because my wage doesn’t make up the gap so, y’know, meh.

            I’ll make a total wild guess that you’re probably well sorted, middle age or more, got your gaff and your car and your bank account and your stuff. you like your Us and Them economics and politics because (for now at least) you have all 4 wheels on your cart and you’re rolling along. you have the luxury to lie back and ponder the sad deaths and the world economy and what timber am I gonna use to clad that new extension, cedar maybes?
            guess what? I don’t. nor most people in this country under the age of 25. we’ll be carrying you very shortly and you’re busy architecting the country to meet YOUR ends. do you see any flaws in that logic?
            I’m all right jack fupp you logic?
            Well I do and your time’s up. I’m here to inform you that it’s going to end badly because either a) I’m going to take my educated botty away to a foreign country and not return b) I’m going to be so tinky pinkled if I stay to the point I won’t be able to carry you anyway….maybe the rich kids will help you, lol.

            I’m voting disruptively
            I’m voting ANYONE BUT FFG
            Sinn Fein WILL be either my #1 or #2

            oh, and the more of this OBVIOUS OBVIOUS attempt at mindgames the better, on the radio, on the tv, online….I believe it will just galvanize young people into forcing a change! guess you better pray they don’t show up on the day :)

          2. scottser

            hey news, out of all of the murders attributed to the IRA, how come this one is so prominent? there are few enough hooks on paul quinn’s murder to hang it on SF, so why is this getting so much air time? it’s a blatant smear, albeit really badly done. it simply makes FFG and RTE look petty and scared.

          3. Rob_G


            Presumably because, of all of the senseless and depraved murders attributed to the IRA, it is one of the more senseless and depraved, given that they murdered an Irishman without the remotest link to the British crown, and taking place as it did 10 years after the GFA was signed.

          4. scottser

            this is the thing rob, nobody can prove who did it. there were supposedly 10-15 men who perpetrated the attack and they can’t find one weak link in the chain?

          5. MaryLou's ArmaLite

            name another gang of 15 men that could murder someone in the heart of IRA country and get away with it

          6. Rob_G

            That’s the thing about the IRA – as criminal conspiracies go, they were one of the more organised; I’m sure that anyone who might know of something is worried about ending up in a shallow grave on a beach, as so many others have.

            Well, my only hope is that one of the conspirators ends up in a situation where he/she is facing many years in prison, and is induced to name the people who carried out this act of barbarity

          7. newsjustin

            01101101 01100011

            I’m not middle aged, I’m barely middle class, I don’t own a home, I drive an 11 y/o car that’s overdue work on it. I don’t have a permanent job ( on a contract).

            You do a disservice to working class people, trying to make the best of things, by projecting your own lack of interest in actual murders, criminality and human rights, by suggesting that they somehow don’t have the “bandwidth” to care about things like the murder of Paul Quinn. That they should be focussed on the nuts and bolts of surviving and feeding themselves.

          8. 01101101 01100011

            Hi newsjustin

            …that they should be focussed on the nuts and bolts of surviving and feeding themselves

            in a nutshell that’s you not listening. so very easy to say when you’re not one of them.

            following your logic FFG care so much about poor people that a man sleeping in a tent on the canal ends up getting maimed for life by a digger?

            he shouldn’t have been there in the first place

            maybe it’s just that FFG didn’t have the “bandwidth” to care, hm?

          9. Lilly


            How about the Social Democrats? Do they have a candidate in your constituency. Or People Before Profit. SF is not the only alternative surely.

          10. 01101101 01100011

            Hi Lilly

            you’re on the ball there, yes in my lineup, absolutely 110%

            tomorrow (partly for the craic, partly to listen to any suggestions given my express stance on ABFFG) I’m going to put up my selections on here….I’d assume Broadsheet will have some article anchor around what people are doing themselves

          11. Lilly


            Glad to hear it! Sorry you’re having a tough time. It’s your age and stage; things will get better. I’m middle aged, lived in plenty of hovels when I was under 25, but never ate muck :)

            (Or at least never because I was too broke to eat well.)

          12. 01101101 01100011

            ah Lilly thanx
            I’m grand I’m in the grind right now but I’m almost at the end of my stint..going for a masters I’m working on
            something really exciting but it’s getting financially tough. I unofficially owe my mam and dad a lot (they have never asked) and will pay them back – that will take time. I get the fight from my mam, she’s a socialist. I have a sister and 2
            bros. Sis in Aus because she wanted something better, the very heart of this interest in a way, haven’t seen her in
            2 years, a brother a year ahead of me working at a well known company somewhat related to my own field down in Barrow St. and a younger wingnut who makes me look politically beige lol!
            I don’t have enough time but I try to read and listen as much as I can. and what I see is a major con job going on here and it’s makes my blood boil. It’s a cover up and we’re the fodder. fingers in greasy tills whilst people sleep in doorways, families with young kids sleep in hotel rooms thru circumstances beyond them….ha! and a rich kid working for a rich people’s party operating an ideology designed for rich people in charge of solving the housing problem!?? you couldn’t make it up! it’s worse than just the roof over your head though, it’s an ecosystem of problems with it at the root. I think sometimes the answer is staring you in the face but you can’t see it.

            this election might just might lead to a social revolution, a reset, you might laugh but I think maybe there’s a chance. I reckon FFG’s time is up, the anger and frustration out there is unreal. I know plenty of lads who have given up, on the piss every weekend because they feel they may as well, what’s the point in saving? it’s hard to argue with that.

            here’s what I reckon, my theory. this political skullduggery has been going down for a while now but before this moment maybe it was possible to hide and maybe it hadn’t quite bitten everyone yet till now. we got smacked hard, almost killed, dizzy and disorientated for a bit but now we’re back and looking for answers. we Irish are a special case, look at all the notable famous scientists, sports people, musicians we’ve produced, waaay above our weight. Irish people are too smart, digital IS turning this….though we don’t buy cheesy FB ad campaigns and the socmed feeds we can smell bs, smarmy FG videos like that benny hill rubbish only serves to say to me and likes of my close friends “wtf is this? is what they’re playing at while the country is in such sht!?! this is a pisstake?” all I can say is wow they mustn’t have heard of focus groups or are doing it totally wrong if they have :)
            crucially I reckon healthy cynicism is in our dna….even my granda knows how to use a search engine so he can fact check quickly and look at many of the stories published as-is on the national newspapers that he knows easily…back to the 90’s. for example. unaltered. not yet sanitised or behind paywalls. hm? so it doesn’t take much work to figure out when someone is lying, faking, fobbing, stealing….BUT I’d say with more time this window of opportunity will gradually slip away, danger, they’ll learn from this quickly so the time is now. I don’t think Ireland would suit a Cummings scenario but they’ll learn fast enough especially with a few billionaires to help.

            as for SF? protest vote. a very effective kick in the blx. and to be fair she’s the only one with a party in numbers talking about the real bread and butter issues.

            Im very interested in the furore she’s causing, just look at it!! even the threat of opinion polls which imho are mostly nonsense anyway has triggered these people…smoked them out…if you ever wondered who controls your life and the information you are fed in Ireland watch and listen because they’re the ones running around right now with their hair on fire panicking on live TV, radio, papers per my earlier posting about media, the vested interests, they’re all there like a big dashboard I can see them clear as day!

            anyway best of luck to you sorry for the essay!!

        2. class wario

          It’s something people have talked about fairly regularly in that interim period too as opposed to not mentioning something for years only to opportunistically bring it up around an election

          1. newsjustin

            Yes, shame on Breege Quinn for knowing how elections work and knowing when she’ll get some attention for her boy.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            in fairness to classwario, I dont think the charge of “opportunism” was being leveled at the family. it was doubtful though that miriam o’callaghan, martin or varadkar would give this a second thought if there wasnt political benefit to it right now

          3. class wario

            It’s more a pity I feel for her being taken advantage of by FG/FF for their own gain only to forget about her and her son again once they’re in govt. again

          4. Gearóid

            I took his comment to be more about “shame on people like you” who opportunistically use such deaths.

          5. class wario

            everybody knew what i meant, he just wanted to go with the most faux-outraged bad faith reading possible

    2. Cú Chulainn

      The mass hysteria about SF is only energising their support. I’m no fan myself, but it’s ridiculous. Conor Murphy didn’t attack anyone. There has been a civil war on this island since 1922. All this holier than thou is just hypocritical bull poo.

      1. Rob_G

        “There has been a civil war on this island since 1922”

        What an abjectly idiotic statement – what side of this supposed war was Paul Quinn meant to be on?

        1. Cú Chulainn

          The wrong side obviously. The civil war comments relate to SF. Have a think about it for a moment. Do the IRA have a history of attacks like this: no. Does someone else along the border have form in this regard: yes. I wonder who that could be.. oh, 12 years later we have a very similar attack. It’s not hard to work out why the PSNI and Garda were able to confirm it wasn’t the IRA. They know full well who did it and that poor family are being played by FFG to try and damage SF.

          1. Clampers Outside

            “Do the IRA have a history of attacks like this: No,”

            Kidnapped, and tortured, died in hospital.


            “Do the IRA have a history of attacks like this? No,”

            eh… what now… seriously? What rock are you under?

          2. Clampers Outside

            OK, clarification….

            lured to a location and held against will…

            or Kidnapped…

            same same result.

            And yes, the IRA do have a history of such.

          3. Cú Chulainn

            No they don’t. They kill you or shoot you. There is another gang, recently in the news, who’s mo is very similar to this.

          4. Rob_G

            Cu chulIainn, bless your innocence.

            Thomas Niedemeyer was kidnapped and murdered by the IRA. His crime was running a successful business and providing jobs in northern Ireland when there were precious few jobs to be had. Apparently, this was deemed enough to condemn him as part of the British imperial apparatus.

            Sadly, that’s not the end of the story:

            “Niedermayer’s wife, Ingeborg, returned to Ireland in 1990, 10 years to the day of her husband’s funeral, and booked into a hotel at Bray, County Wicklow, where she committed suicide by walking into the sea from an isolated beach.[5] Niedermayer’s two daughters, Gabrielle and Renate, both subsequently also committed suicide (respectively in 1991 and 1994). Gabrielle’s husband, Robin Williams-Powell, killed himself 5 years later.[6]”

      2. Scundered

        Maybe not holier than thou, moreso some people in the recent past thought it fine to bomb and kill people, why does that not terrify you that they might get into power? Vote for any other party than those lunatics.

        1. Rob_G

          +1 Scundered.

          There are literally 10 other parties to vote for if people don’t like FG; why is the default option these psychopaths?

    3. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      You think there is a window on how long we can ask SF/IRA about murders?

      What is it? 10 years, 10 months?

      If they murder someone today, tomorrow it is in the past, must we just forget about that one too?

      1. Ff

        I’ll be honest.i don’t care about Paul Quinn or his family.
        Neither does leo vradkar or Michael Martin.

        1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

          This is sure, however none of those killed Paul Quinn and many others, but SF/IRA have done and probably will do again.

        2. Ringsend Incinerator

          I couldn’t give a fupp about Paul Quinn being a poster boy for FG/FF.

          RIP and all that. But he’ll be forgotten by Saturday.

    4. Spaghetti Hoop

      ‘A law unto themselves’ is the reason why the Paul Quinn murder is being discussed / used.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Well, Cian. I’ll say the same to you as I have to the A fellow, as you have made a claim above.
          Bring your evidence to the PSNI and the Gardai now. If you don’t, then you are now complicit in what you are alleging. Are you complicit Cian?

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      I’m delighted to tell you that our government is run from Leinster House on Kildare Street, Dublin.

      I was even lucky enough to be given the tour as a youngin on a CSPE trip. I was greatly enamoured with the Seanad Chambers, which is a beautiful room.

        1. millie vanilly strikes again

          And so will the next one. Provided them pesky secondary school students don’t knock it down in their protest tomorrow.

          1. Cian

            Unless the Shinners get into power and get their orders from the shadow-cabal in South Armagh or Belfast.

            I suppose it’ll make a change from the current government getting it’s orders from Malta. :-)

  2. Kate

    Lucia o Farrell tragically lost her son Shane in 2011. Sinn Fein tabled a motion for a public enquiry into Shane’s tragic death last year.
    FF abstained. FG opposed the motion.
    2/1 in Dail voted for a public enquiry and yet despite the democratic Dail vote Charlie Flanagan disallowed it.
    Their alleged concern for Mrs Quinn is totally false. Maybe Collette should pick up the phone to Lucia …..don’t wait 13 years though!

  3. A Person

    Here is the shinner narrative so far. You have “fear” that we will be elected or question a post on BS. … I do, but democracy works. So be it. However, you kill people, but deny it, our economic policies are useless, and you cannot explain both. You are ruled from Belfast. You blame the media for calling you out, yet you can talk all manner of sh##te on line. I’m anti shinners for lots of reasons, but if I disagree there are at least 6 bots who will attack my posts, saying I’m FG. I’m not FG, just cannot agree with your policies or you bullies. Just like Paul Quinn. And the a wholes on here dismissing that should be ashamed .

    “Are the media really dredging up something that happened 13 years ago because they can’t handle Sinn Féin’s surge in the polls?”

    Seriously, is this not an issue for you that its ok for someone to be beaten to death?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Simple solution. Bring your evidence to the Gardai and PSNI. It’s something they urgently need, and obviously you have it all. Let us know how you get on.

        1. A Person

          Deflect, deflect… keep doing so. It’s always someone else to blame. Not us shinners, and even if it was, sure that was 13 years ago, and they were not sanctioned. In any event the fella was in a pub, and deserved what he got. Drew Harris is now responsible apparently – did the Belfast 6 ask to spread that? Sure FG and FF killed people 100 years ago – they were all blue shirts – which you have yet to define.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            By not bringing your evidence to the PSNI and the Gardai, you’re now being complicit of what you’re writing about. Oh! You don’t have any? Toddler on then.

  4. Friscondo

    Vincent Traynor (and his son.) Peter and Patrick Quinn. No relation to Paul Quinn. Thomas “Slab” Murphy. PJ and Michael Carragher. Sean “The Surgeon” Hughes. James McArdle. Requested by Traynor because his son lost a fist fight with Paul Quinn. Sanctioned by the others. All South Armagh Provos. Squalid.

    1. A Person

      No way, you cannot say that on here. goo, fart, mustard and mates will be outraged (why such names?). Oh sorry, none replied. I wonder why?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        School bus arrived bang on time for the A fellow to run in and turn on his tablet. And write the usual childish drivel.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      And like the A person, you know the solution. Bring your evidence to the PSNI and the Gardai. It’s what they are looking for. Or will you be complicit now and not do that?

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