Will I Get The Coronavirus If I Vote Sinn Féin?



Please consult your spin doctor.

General Election coverage at Independent Newspapers in the three days since Sinn Féin’s dramatic rise in the polls.

Rog writes:

They’re taking it well….

Sinn Féin stumbles over tax as IRA murder casts shadow (Independent.ie)

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88 thoughts on “Will I Get The Coronavirus If I Vote Sinn Féin?

  1. Amy.

    That’s why I’m not voting for Sinn Fein. They’ll murder me in my bed, disembowel my pregnant sister, roast my parents to death, and set up internment camps for their opponents.

          1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

            Don’t forget covering up rapes and intimidating the victims.
            SF specialise on silencing the internal dissenting voice.

      1. Philip Quinlan

        Lemass shot a man in his bed, yet is acknowledged as a great Taoiseach. Maybe we can leave the past behond us as we leave the circumstances that gave rise to it behind us also?

        1. Rob_G

          Harry Boland is dead 100 years; Lemass, 50. Anyone who directly experienced pain and suffering from their actions are long-dead, too.

          The families of the victims of the fish & chip blown up by the IRA are still very much alive, and it must cause them to suffer again to see the person who killed and maimed their families walking the streets, canvassing on behalf of Sinn Féin.

          Also, I don’t think anyone in FG celebrates Harry Boland’s actions today, but there ae plenty in SF who will lionise people who bombed innocent civilians.

          Sinn Féin don’t want to leave this past behind; it’s a source of pride for them.

          1. yupyup

            I don’t think anyone in FG would be keen to remember or celebrate Boland….it was their boys that shot him in his bed after all.

            Is your sympathy with the victims of Provo violence always there or does it just come to the fore at election time like the good folk in INM ?

            Look, you can’t park the past fully, I get that, Don’t a couple of 100 FGers still gather on the side of the road in West Cork every August. Horrible stuff happens from all sides in the dirty confilcts that have reared their heads on this little island of ours. The pain for those left behind is real. I’m not for a second knocking that. There were still people alive in the 1960s, and later, who were sufferers from Lemass’s sides actions. I’m sure they felt bitterness towards him? What can be done for the families of those that died in Frizzel’s Fish Shop or La Mon? Other than bringing them into an argument in a comments section a few days before an election?

          2. Rob_G

            My sister went to school with a girl who grew up not knowing her Dad, because he was murdered by the IRA.

            He wasn’t in the British Army, or the UDR, or some other agency of British imperialism – he was a member of an Gardaí Síochána, sworn to protect his community.

            People from Sinn Féin won’t come out and say – “sure, those British soldiers were legitimate targets. But we shouldn’t have put bombs places where they would target civilians, or shoot Gardaí or Irish soldiers – looking back, that was wrong” – they can’t, it would be unacceptable to the people in West Belfast who control the party. So instead they say “well, you know, it was a war, bad stuff happened on both sides” – this is a bullpoop cop-out. What sort of a “war” involves robbing a bank and shooting dead an Irish policeman?

            They are not one bit sorry for what happened – when Jerry McCabe was released from prison, they sent a sitting SF TD to pick him up. When a letter from his murderer was read out loud at the SF Ard Fheis a few years later, it got a standing ovation. The idea of electing these people to a government of a state that they don’t themselves recognise, that they were at “war” with, bravely doing battle with its legitimate police force and soldiers, is anathema to me.

          3. bisted

            …you should proof read the stuff that HQ send out rather than just copy and paste…you’ll be meeting fellas with two points next…

          4. Rob_G

            yes, don’t address any of the points* raised, just deflect, as per usual

            *’pints’ is the unit of measure that you drink, brains trust

        2. Clampers Outside

          When Shinners say ‘they haven’t gone away’ they keep it in the present.

          If you have issue with this stuff being talked about, take it up with Sinn Fein who keep it topical, in fairness. No one to blame but themselves.

          1. Fearganainm

            “…when Jerry McCabe was released from prison, they sent a sitting SF TD to pick him up…”

            I think that we can all agree that that particular claim, made above, is absolutely, categorically untrue. Perhaps it appears as it does due to a printing error, or maybe an omission from a text or document. One would think that if a man’s life had been cruelly and criminally snuffed out while he was performing his duties that subsequent references to him would not carelessly depict him as a felon. And yet the smear has stayed here unaltered, unedited, unacknowledged by its author.

            Detective Garda Jerry McCabe deserves better than to be used as a political football by people who cannot even be bothered to accurately respect either his life or the appalling circumstances of his death.

  2. Kevin Higgins

    Dear Angela,

    I live in a small country place and the nuns never told me anything about the facts of life. I have been to the pictures a few times lately and I have been kissing the lad who works in the local butcher shop and it is very nice.
    Can I get a disease or even have a baby from doing this ? I am very worried.

    1. Paulus

      Dear Concepta,

      Your given name places you at an extra disadvantage as research has shown that girls named Concepta are indeed more likely to get pregnant.
      It’s good to know that the local butcher shop is very nice, as this means it is less likely to come to the attention of health inspectors.
      To be extra safe, consider standing up while kissing the butcher’s lad.
      (Editor’s note; this sentence needs clarification).

      Finally, remember to leave room for the Holy Ghost and all will be well.

      Yours faithfully,

  3. Christopher

    I don’t understand SF voters who have a problem with bringing up their cover-up of criminals, murders and child abusers of those in their ranks. You cant attack FF for crashing the economy or FG for their role in the housing crisis and not be open to scrutiny on your own skeletons.

    1. yupyup

      It’s the sensationalism and the timing. It’s clearly used to villify and sway public opinion. Sure, bring up skeletons but bring them all up or none.

      1. Gearóid

        Adding to that: don’t continue to denigrate your northern brethren by telling them that SF are good enough for them but not good enough for somebody who lives 5min away on the other side of an imposed border. It doesn’t look good.

    2. Jeffrey

      Because is the Irish Point Godwin. The very fact that you and others are still trying to brings this up makes me think that there is zero hope for this little country to get out of the mess its in.

      1. Rob_G

        If FF or FG had some disgraced TD or councillor running for election their political opponents and the media would be all over it (as well they should).

        SF had a convicted bomber as an MEP until one week ago. They still have a TD in office who saw fit to pick up a Garda-murderer when he was released from prison. They have a candidate running who, when asked to condemn the killing of Detective Jerry McCabe, did not (well, one or two, depending on how you count it; one later did condemn it after the fact, the other has never, insofar as I know).

        Mary Lou and Michelle O’Neill still regularly attend commemorations for people who died in the process of manufacturing bombs; while they still have these people knocking around, the media would be doing the public a disservice in not bringing it up, tbh.

        1. 01101101 01100011

          see this is why FG and FF are going to lose

          (and I’m coming at this as a non party anything person)

          all I hear is this raking over historical events and tenuous accusations….both FF and FG have historical skeletons in their closets too!!

          if I want a history lecture I’ll attend one on campus, thanks :)

          I want a shot at a future where I can afford a house to live in, buy my groceries and get medical attention when I need it.

          what’s so hard to understand about that??

          1. Clampers Outside

            It’s not really confined to history though is it? The people being “talked about” are alive and well and for all intents and purposes knocking on doors for SF votes.

            And don’t forget it is SF themselves who also keeps it in the present and not confined to history with their catchphrase “they haven’t gone away y’know”.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Clampers, I think that 01101 has the drop on you big time, with his/her rational debate. You still come back with the history of the troubles, which if you look at it are as a result of actions by the British Army, the actions of keeping Catholics out of jobs etc.
            So instead of preaching about past actions, try concentrate on what’s best for Ireland now. Incidentally, Gerry Adams was one of the driving forces in the Good Friday Agreement. Bertie Ahern had as well. What was FG’s contribution? (Not saying you’re a FGer Clampers)

          3. Clampers Outside

            I’m not trying to get a drop on him, in fairness. I just believe he’s blinded by a desire for change to simply opt for SF without looking at them properly.

            While I’m here, I commend the great work of Pearse Doherty in dressing down/exposing the insurance industry, but I still wouldn’t vote SF on that one good (excellent even) ticket item.

          4. ReproBertie

            ‘with their catchphrase “they haven’t gone away y’know” ‘

            When did SF last use that “catchphrase”?

          5. 01101101 01100011

            Hi Clampers

            so that aspect – I know my history within reason but if we talk about the present…do you not believe for one nanasecond that your current live “State” isn’t engaged in nefarious dealings on a daily basis?

            I take the point but tbh I’d be willing to trust SF as much as FF/FG when it comes to our security.

            Charlie Flanagan??? Frances Fitzgerald??? like cmon?!

            Not enough there to deter me, I want a disruptive change in my day to day life prospects and that won’t ever ever come with the conservative parties!!

          6. Clampers Outside

            I hear ya, I just don’t believe SF are the ones to hang your hopes on.
            As for Frances… my own correspondence in the past with that individual had me fuming. Trust me I’ve no love there. Nor for Charlie.

          7. Rob_G

            @ 100111

            “do you not believe for one nanasecond that your current live “State” isn’t engaged in nefarious dealings on a daily basis?…
            Charlie Flanagan??? Frances Fitzgerald??? like cmon?!”

            I’m not really sure of the point that you are trying to make – you seem to be conflating everyday political skullduggery (which I’m certain politicians of every stripe are more than capable of engaging in, Fitz. and Flanagan included), with SF’s actions, which includes making excuses for murdering people, and covering up rape and pedophilia.

          8. 01101101 01100011

            Hi Rob

            I don’t think I’m conflating everyday political skullduggery at all. Are you telling me that you believe that the incumbent Minister for Justice has no knowledge nor involvement in the security of the state? (I don’t mean everyday policing to be clear) Is there one of these nice safe “Chinese Walls” going on you think?

            We are actually agreeing with each other somewhat. You mention covering up rape and pedophillia. What about Michael Noonan’s involvement in the ‘Grace’ scandal? Frances Fitzgerald and Sgt Maurice McCabe? or other things like FF phone tapping journalists in the ‘80s? Regina Doherty’s harassment of the blogger at the airport? One that’s still hot to this very day in my particular environment is Verrimus. All shady sht with us as the fodder. By the way I’m just googling away here..,imagine what you don’t know, what’s not in the public domain.

            My point is this – if we are getting into a fight about who’s past history is worse I say “meh” they all sound bad to me. if we are getting into a fight about who’s cover ups are the worst, same. if we’re fighting about who will be worse in the future I say, same. And I would add that there are nefarious actors in layers above and beyond this stuff (MI5, GCHQ, contractors like Verrimus, our own CIS…) going on all the time acting under the instruction of either the incumbent state, someone opposed to them, foreign friend and foe.

            HOWEVER. having high brow arguments about how bad they all are 1. doesn’t put food in my belly 2. doesn’t put a roof over my head 3. doesn’t fix my cancer

            I don’t care, I look to the future…all the historical stuff is irrelevant, musings about who is more nefarious, irrelevant, who wears cooler socks, irrelevant, who makes this years GDP charts at Davos, irrelevant.

            Two parties have run this state for 100 years. Nothing will change. Einstein once said…….


          9. 01101101 01100011

            one more thing if I may and then I’ll shaddup for the evening, promise :)

            I’m voting in an election for the first time and I’m taking a big interest in it. My mates are similarly interested and got into this much as I – via the 8th

            I don’t think I’m getting carried away. What I think is people are getting blinded by personalities and -ve talk and selfish motivations.

            I want this place to be good for everyone. young, middle, old. That’s just not happening.

            We look grand on the international stage, sure were fab at the ole macro economics until you dig down and try to live your life as a young person in Dublin. I think it’s by design. FG (and FF) I think are following an underlying design that they aren’t telling you or I about openly, they sold the silverware to cover up after the last economic global crash so to speak.
            They made a choice to architect a new Ireland, one fashioned for corporate interests, I’d nearly say a factory state! BUT it’s one that’s cold, heartless, survival of the fittest I’m alright jack, with no regard for the type of Ireland I would like to grow up in, meet someone and raise children in….sure it’s great when your folks are loaded but the rest of us either emigrate or swim in circles. I want to halt that. in my belief system it’s all wrong, from my pov (I’m 22) if I stay here I’m already fckd. So no thanks. If I have a shot at changing something I will because honestly this place is the pits today!! I’m always going to my own mam and dad for handouts, it’s embarrassing and I work a job, I work waaay more than I should given my studies requirement. and I can do that to get what I want. But even I can see what comes next for me. Apart from my career not having anything to really aspire to or anchor to is hard.

            How to vote? As I watched the various interviews so far, when it comes to FF and FG all I hear is either “keep it going, we’re nearly there” (that’s bull) or “it’s your fault, you crashed the country” (so wtf have you being doing for the last 4 years??) or “its a great place to live” (I know for a fact that’s bull) or “SF are this and that” (are they, really? worse than you?)

            And here’s the killer. Not once have FG apologised. Not once have FF apologised. Zero humility. Billy Big Balls. Tone deaf. Excuses. Not listening! Not listening!!

            How can we be so rich and so poor at the same time, huh?

            so fck you FG and fck you FF
            slick, sophisticated and clever, yet so so stupid!
            you work for ME
            try listening dumbasses!

          10. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I really like your style and points young man, you make me hopeful for the future of the kip :)

          11. GiggidyGoo

            01101 – you’re a breath of fresh air here – where a lot of us (including myself) have gone boring and stale and tunnel visioned a lot of the time, trading blows rather than discussing. The future does look bright.

          12. realPolithicks

            Very well said, in a couple of very cogent paragraphs you have summed up what many of us have felt (and said) about Ireland for many years now. I’m 57 and left Ireland a long time ago in one of the many “recessions” Ireland has endured under FFGLAB over the years and while the country is in far better shape than it was, it still feels like the place operates for a certain group and everyone else is just dragged along for the ride. It has to change and perhaps it may start with this election (we shall see). Anyway reading your comments has given me some hope and I want to thank you and wish you well in the future. Good Luck.

        2. yupyup

          And the timing? In one constituency FG have a guy that put in a false accident claim against some poor woman, part of which he later dropped. FF have a candidate in the same constituency who uses racist and derogatory language.

          1. Rob_G

            I’m sure that any decent person would condemn these actions as well.

            But I think that there is a world of difference between someone saying something racist, and burning 12 people alive in a restaurant.

          2. Rob_G

            I don’t think so; you are right, they certainly should.

            What they don’t do is organise events saying how great it was that he did it, or name parks after him, I’ll grant them that much.

          3. millie vanilly strikes again

            That is my own constituency actually, and I truly cannot bring myself to vote for either of those two candidates.

            I’ve never voted SF before but the SF candidate running in my area, Louise O’Reilly, has done some admirable work in her time as a TD and, while I’m leaning towards the SocDems candidate at the moment, she has really impressed me and I’d be inclined to give her a vote too.

            I’m still undecided at present and really struggling this time – no Clare Daly – so I could change my mind between now and Saturday.

            But this election has opened up a fascinating debate in Irish politics, and it will be very interesting to see how the votes lie come Sunday/Monday.

  4. Dr_Chimp

    You’ll get something much much worse than the coronavirus…..socialism. To be fair, they’ve done a good PR job with the likes of MLM, Eoin O Broin, Pearse Doherty etc but at the end of the day you can dress a monkey in a tuxedo, but it’s still a monkey. The criminal underbelly of SF will always be there

      1. Clampers Outside

        …so let in more known crooks, rather than aim for cleaning up is your solution?

        Pffft, some solution that.

  5. BS

    I’d love to vote for Sinn Fein tactically to keep ff/fg out…but…the whole IRA thing….and unification…just doesnt sit well with me.

    They’ve never condemned members of the party (and former leaders) who were in the IRA, and lets not get all rose tinted glasses on it, they were and still are a terrorist and organised crime organisation.

  6. A Person

    Fair play to the Indo for reporting the truth. It is not just the shinner’s past, it is also their present. Where do they get their funding from? Why let a party from a different country (Northern Ireland) try and run our country e.g. why are Michelle O’Neill and Conor Murphy so prevalent? Most damning of all is their economic policies, or lack thereof. €4 billion a year? The banking crisis cost us €35 billion, which we are still paying for, and ruined the economy for 10 years. Yet these buffoons wants to to repeat the same for the next 10 years, by lowering the tax base, on both income tax and property tax.

      1. A Person

        We are in a boom, full employment, this is not going to last. Where is the fiscal space for 4 billion a year? Why does SSF use the same arguments now as FF when we went bust. Populist nonsense.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Boom? The boom is for the likes of Bam (for instance)
          Not for those who have to fork out 50/60/70/80% of their income in accommodation costs.

  7. Charger Salmons

    Surely the point is these people are no longer bombing and killing but engaging in the democratic process as they were asked to do.
    Nelson Mandela was once a terrorist engaged in a bombing campaign that killed people.Did he ever apologise ?

    1. Rob_G

      I have not the first idea.

      If they abjured violence, and came out said “some of the things that we did were wrong, targetting civilians was wrong, the people who did it were wrong”, I would agree with you. But they don’t. SF continues to argue that that blowing up kids was a legitimate tactic in a war, and continues to use unrepentant child murderers on the canvass.

      1. ReproBertie

        22 years since the GFA. That’s a lot of young voters who don’t remember anything about SF’s blood soaked past. That’s a lot of young voters who care even less about the civil war and can’t see any difference between FF and FG. Are their policies really any different? Would it change the price of a house or the cost of rent or the availability of mental health services if FF were in the driving seat instead of FG?

        We have to wake up to the fact that for a lot of young voters SF are just another political party and an option that isn’t FFG.

  8. Ringsend Incinerator

    Eoghan Harris busy writing usual guff. Shame the election will be over by the time it’s published.

  9. Clampers Outside

    For clarity, I’m a Labour, Indie voter mostly… with recent votes given to SocDems and Greens.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      For clarity too.
      I voted FF in my younger days. We were a FF family. I remember Richies Mints.
      At 23, I shocked my parents when I told them i was voting Labour and did so for many years.
      Roll on to the ‘Lend me your vote’ plea by Enda Kenny. I did so. (once bitten twice shy). Labour got a second preference.
      After that debacle of a government, neither FG or Labour (or FF) ever got a vote from me (apart from putting them last choices on the ballot paper)
      I hadn’t voted SF ever up until the last two elections. But they didn’t get first preferences then. That went to Independents.
      This time it’ll be SF, then Independents, Aontu, PBP, Green….right down to FF FG LAB as last choices.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        (Richies Mints is a reference to Richie Ryan, FG finance minister, who raised the duty and tax on motor fuel….the pumps nicknamed Richies Mints.)

  10. Salmon Eile

    Expect the usual SindoBot “Alexa, write me 500 words about Mairia Cahill, Jerry McCabe, the Protestants in West Cork, and Gerry Adams’s teddybear having a whiff of Semtex”.

    Did it ever strike those cretins at the Irish Times/INM newsdesks that what they’re engaging in is negative cheerleading. They’re encouraging people to vote SF.

    1. Truth in the News

      Exactly…. any chance of resurrecting the long forgotten Connor Cruise O;Brien, he may
      well arise and walk out of Glasnevin next week:

  11. Kieran

    Could there be a link between the sudden,meteoric rise in the Sinn Fein vote and the slump in sales of the Indo?

    1. ReproBertie

      This lad’s determined to stir up a scare about something that has had zero impact on Ireland. He must have shares in face masks.

    1. Steph Pinker

      Or, if all else fails, a sanitary towel attached to a couple of rubber bands around your ears – you’d have to change it every few hours though.

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