Sorry Not Sorry I Missed You


Election literature for Dublin West

Has anyone else received “Sorry I missed you” pamphlets in their letterboxes from electioneering politicians without any attempt having been made to ring the doorbell or knock at the door?

I suspect I will also miss their names on the ballot paper. Sorry.

Pavel Marianski,
Co Waterford.

Canvassing and knocking on doors (The Irish Times letters page)

Pic: Ross Boyd

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14 thoughts on “Sorry Not Sorry I Missed You

  1. Spud

    I only had FF and SD knock.
    SF with the ‘sorry we missed you’ but I heard them drop it in the letterbox.

    I give credit to those knocking on the doors. It’s a tough job.

  2. Eoineyo

    I got a stamped address letter to both myself and my wife from FF candidate, must be going for the personal touch, apologising for not being able to make it to my area, but to still give her my vote. In her defence she is on maternity leave having recently had twins.
    Still not voting FF,FG, Labour or Green.
    Joan Collins No.1

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I got three pages of a letter from PBP candidate, Brid Smith, inside an envelope of very high quality paper stock, printed two spot colours, green and gold with Harp and Oireachtas on it. Fancy.

      1. Eoineyo

        I also got that one but not personally addressed though.
        They must be making the most from the new printer lol.

  3. class wario

    I had 4 of the same size fliers from 4 different parties the other day in my letter box, all aligned exactly on top of one another. Would I be correct in thinking, then, that all parties just get the same third party to deliver these things en masse? As opposed to them being dropped in by canvassers (which does happen too obviously)

    1. Spud

      Some are dropped by canvassers, but others (like yours it seems) are just dropped by 3rd party / post services.

  4. Paulus

    Perhaps some canvassers employed a technique used by some services when they call to your home:
    The Feather Knock.

  5. paul

    Have a sign out front saying ‘if you leave a leaflet, I won’t vote for you’, barely get anything through the door these days. Bliss.

    Mostly the Greens dropping stuff, gombeens.

  6. Cian

    If your doorbell is even vaguely finicky, you might not notice because regular users of it are aware but someone who’s never used it before hasn’t got a clue. Can’t always hear the internal ringer from outside a new house.

  7. millie vanilly strikes again

    One knock by the outgoing Labour TD and a clatter of leaflets. I saw James Reilly lurking around one day but he didn’t bother knocking on any doors, which was probably wise of him.

  8. Ben Redmond

    Every year a leaflet is dropped through my letter box cordially inviting me to visit a Baptist church 20km away. Every two years I get a thoughtful leaflet from the Jehovah Witnesses. As they don’t seek my vote I am not annoyed, but I never respond to their kind attention.

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