Who Did You Get?


Ahead of tomorrow’s poll.

Which candidate is your ideal match?

John Gallen writes:

Thought you might like this website, whichcandidate.ie. You can pick your voting district and it’ll show the candidates in your area. It’ll then ask what are the main topics of concern to you from a list of six…

1 Taxes and spending
2 Housing and Health
3 Environment
4 Immigration, moral and social issues
5 Political and constitutional issues
6 EU and international affairs

You can leave all of these selected or deselect those you are not concerned with, if that us the case. You are then asked a series of questions with options ranging from agree, disagree, neither agree nor disagree to no opinion.

27 questions in total if you do not deselect any topics.

It will then match your choices with the candidates in your area with a percentage rating.

You can also match to parties. Sure it’s worth a whirl, might get one thinking more on an issue at least.

I have no comment on the accuracy :)


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