Et Tu, Bottler?


This afternoon.

Former Minister for Health James Reilly (top right), who failed to win a seat in Dublin Fingal, said Fine Gael needs to consider if Leo Varadkar (top left) should continue as leader.

*plays jungle music at full volume*


10 thoughts on “Et Tu, Bottler?

  1. Brother Barnabas

    after bringing a brand new hospital to his constituency, this is how those ingrates repay him?

    c.5,000 people need to take a long hard look at themselves

    1. kellma

      You are joking, yes?…. That brand new hospital houses a pharmacy and a GP surgery (which is not a new one as such but a breakaway from an existing GP surgery so everyone still finds it hard to get GP appointments). All the promises for minor procedures and mini hospital like equipment never materialized. The building is half empty

  2. DOC

    Anyone watching SIX-ONE?
    RTE are eating a lot of humble pie right now
    And Simon Harris might get back in again – Wicklow

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