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Verona Murphy, who ran as an independent after her deselection by Fine Gael for comments she made about Muslim immigrants during a by-election in Wexford last November, has taken the last seat in the five-seat constituency. Also…

…Sinn Féin’s Johnny Mythen topped the poll, with Labour leader Brendan Howlin, Fianna Fáil’s James Browne and Fine Gael’s Paul Kehoe all elected. Minister of State Michael D’Arcy of Fine Gael lost his seat, as did Fianna Fáil’s Malcolm Byrne who was elected following the by-election last November.

Independent Candidate Verona Murphy Elected In Wexford (Newstalk)

Previously: Verona Murphy on Broadsheet.

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36 thoughts on “Selected

    1. The Queen Mammy

      The first crack in the dam- that it comes from someone representing the Irish hauliers should not be a surprise.

  1. Charger Salmons

    Where’s that clown Repro O’Bertie-Begorrah claiming fears over immigration played no part in this election ?

    1. ReproBertie

      I’m here laughing myself silly that you think she got elected based on her comments on Muslims. No doubt that’s why Peter Casey and all the Irish National Party lads did so well. To say nothing of a certain ex-journalist who has failed to get elected at national level (again) on an anti-immigrant platform.

      Keep clinging to the straws there Spoofer.


      1. Pat Mustard

        Grealish got re elected, comfortably..

        Perhaps it’s more to do with the situation of dp centres in rural counties..

      1. Pat Mustard

        How did Noel and Verona do fearganceann?

        Oh yeah, they easily got through,

        Seems like your not integrated yet paleface.

  2. Charger Salmons

    Very sexist comments.
    I’m surprised St Bodger of Wokeness allows it.

    ( I’m more of a Marine Le Pen man myself Brother )

      1. kellma

        You can be sexist to a racist. They never notice as the words sound the same and they never listen to the finer detail in a conversation……

  3. V

    I wouldn’t read that as a measure of a racist vote in Wexford

    There’s a bitta of a Lowry effect here

    That turnout for Verona has more to do with getting shafted by the (posh) boys in Dublin

    And the Yellowbellies rallying around one of their own

  4. Kate

    I didn’t find what she said offensive nor racist. She said as head of Irish Hauliers association , she knew more than more vast majority of TD’s put together of undocumented immigrants coming into Ireland. And she reinforced her opinion by stating 17 people were trafficked into Rosslare and vanished. Nothing racist about that. So I’m going to congratulate her for fighting her corner and getting elected.

    1. ReproBertie

      She said “I am under no illusion that Isis is a big part of the migrant population” and that she believed some migrants needed to be deprogrammed when they arrived.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      She also said 4 year old refugees need to be deprogrammed and she’s worried about a terrorist attack on Wexford Bridge.

      Murphy became the high profile protest vote against FF/FG for those who couldn’t bring themselves to vote SF in Wexford.

  5. class wario

    irish media, it’s the nativist ones like this that are most comparable to trump and brexit. all the best!

  6. Andrew

    Her experience in the haulage business gives hera real insight in to what’s going on with regard to people trafficking and was prepared to comment on that. People ARE dying as a result of a perceived softness of our borders and unrealistic expectations by migrants.
    One way or another, this has to be dealt with or more people will be discovered dead in the back of containers

    1. Charger Salmons

      Far too complicated a matter for Brother Bonehead.
      Much easier to stamp his feet and shout racist.

      1. scottser

        bb hands your bottom to you on a plate on a regular basis charger. don’t dis your betters like that.

  7. Kate

    And why call her racist and deselect for that? Didnt one of the Isis terrorists shot dead by police in London
    have Irish papers ?

    1. Andrew

      Plenty of ISIS radicals have come through Ireland. They’ve used Ireland and radicalised people from their base here. people know this but won’t say it. Most people commenting on the subject have absolutely zero idea about the level of criminality. terrorist financing, and exploitation that is going on every day in Ireland.

  8. James T Russell

    how was she even allowed to be up for election? her views are dangerously racist, people like her are the reason we need strong hate speech legislation

    1. V

      Her entry onto the ballot is the responsibility of the Wexford Returning Officer

      And as for everything else; well that’s the Voters job

  9. Fearganainm

    Putóg dubh needs to come clean about her alleged MI5 briefings. Is she being manipulated by agents of a foreign power to come out with alarmist crap or is she just a natural half-wit? Or worse, has she been taken in by some Brit in a pub who told her that he was an MI5 officer? It’s Stiúrthóireacht na Faisnéise she should be listening to, not some Sasanach Chicken Little.

  10. GiggidyGoo

    ‘ I’d also like to thank FG for financing the large roadside posters and the black paint used to cover up its logo’
    Heh heh heh (to borrow a phrase)

  11. Kate

    So a day before the election the most senior civil servant Aiden o Driscoll tells us organised crime and terrorism continue to pose challenges . Ms Murphy , a racist? BS.

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