From top; Sinn Féin supporters singing’ Come Out Ye Black And Tans’ at the Generel Election 2020 count centre yesterday following Dessie Ellis’ success in Dublin North-West; Ruth Dudley Edwards.

This morning.

Via historian Ruth Dudley Edwards (More at link below)

Today I am ashamed of my country, a vast number of whose voters have intentionally or unwittingly just endorsed a fascist party.

This reminds many who know Sinn Fein as puppets of the IRA Army Council of Germany in 1932, when the Nazi party became the largest in parliament: Hitler became Chancellor in January 1933 and wasted no time in establishing his brutal dictatorship.

Sinn Fein members and apologists, of course, are exulting in the Irish election results, some enjoying themselves insulting supporters of Breege and Stephen, the heartbroken but courageous parents seeking justice for their son Paul Quinn, savagely beaten to death by the Provisional IRA in 2007 and then slurred as a criminal by Conor Murphy and Gerry Adams.

Those of us who are hated by Sinn Fein because we persist in telling the truth about the past and present are ridiculed and insulted regularly. Recurring themes are that we are hurting and exploiting victims and that everything we say just makes Sinn Fein more popular.

Well, it’s actually not true. Although most Irish journalists and organisations like RTE and the Irish Times avoid challenging Sinn Fein, last week Mairia Cahill, Stephen Nolan, Bryan Dobson, Miriam O’Callaghan and others slowed its gallop by giving the Quinns the chance to tell their terrible story and show up the heartlessness and mendacity of Sinn Fein and its determination to keep the bodies of IRA victims out of sight….

Sinn Fein’s rise akin to that of Nazis in 1930s and is a threat to democracy on this island (Ruth Dudley Edwards)

Sinn Fein’s rise akin to that of Nazis in 1930s and is a threat to democracy on this island (Ruth Dudley Edwards, Belfast Telegrpah)


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43 thoughts on “Taking It Well

  1. RuilleBuille

    Ah Godwin’s law.

    When you have no argument or have lost the argument you call your opponents Nazis.

  2. 01101101 01100011


    there goes another flashing red on my dashboard (at this rate I’ll have to look for volunteers to help me track them all :)

    Ruth double-barrel there feeling a bit uncomfortable much?

    Ruth’s time might be better off spent getting together with her asset manager asap to figure out how to keep her portfolio safe from ze shinners and 2019-nCoV…..UK announced enhanced power to arrest:

  3. ReproBertie

    It may have slipped by unnoticed but Dessie Ellis was taken aside in the count centre and given a bit of a dressing down after that rendition of “Come out ye Black and Tans”.

    The song itself is, of course, a parody about a bar stool republican arriving home drunk and singing at his protestant neighbours.

    1. kellma

      Yes he was given a good talking to….. Good luck to Sinn Fein and i hope they make the best of this. However it is people like him, that make me reluctant to lose all my reservations. I just cant get behind someone who was personally involved in IRA violence (which he was). It is all one thing being a political party that has evolved from that (FF and FG did at one point themselves) ,and im all about focusing on the future and not on the past, but I don’t see how someone can ever really pull themselves out of that mentality.

      1. Clampers Outside


        Good luck to them now.
        I’m glad of the change happening I just wished it would’ve been another party to bring it about. But it is what it is, let’s hope it goes well.
        And let’s see what they do next, and the keeping of promises, etc.

        1. BS

          It’s just a pity that a real left party like soc dems lost most of their votes to this faux left party whose only real goal is to reunite a country for purely backwards reasons and getting the “brits out”

          1. class wario

            I think few of those on the Irish left would see the SDs as being more authentically ‘left’ than SF, even if the latter are not quite the radicals people make them out to be. a strange comment.

  4. phil

    She dont like Ken Loach either, a lot of criticism of one of his films, had later to admit she hadn’t seen the film ….

  5. missred

    I saw that Ruth Dudley Edwards was trending on twitter and now I know why. Christ alive, she’s atrocious.

  6. fakelikes


    Cuman na Gael where pro treaty Sinn Fein members in 1923. Clan na Poblachta in the 1940s were also IRA members. Both were absorbed eventually into Fine Gael.
    Democratic Left, remanents of official Sinn fein, went into gov with Fine Gael in the rainbow coalition in the 1990s.

    FG and this supposed “Historian” would do well to remember their own nazi sympathysers as well as their intrinsic link with Sinn Fein.

        1. Rob_G

          I do indeed, sure everyone knows that.

          It’s just that I often hear any criticism of SF met with chants of “Bluehshirt”, while the person saying it doesn’t realise that their the forbears of their own party had dealings with the far-right.

      1. Dr.Fart

        yes. against a common enemy, our invaders, England. Any past actions of the IRA were in the name of patriotism and fighting for our country. None of the present Sinn Fein members have anything to do with that, if it was a problem for the more protestant/uniontist leaning Irish people out there. FG and FF combined, with how they’ve run the country, are responsible for a lot more deaths. and all in the name of greed, no noble cause, or patriotic one.

        1. Rob_G

          Any past actions of the IRA were in the name of patriotism and fighting for our country.

          – that’s handy – does that extend to murdering Gardaí and members of the Oireachtas?

          None of the present Sinn Fein members have anything to do with that”

          – categorically incorrect. It’s a genuine concern for democracy that people can’t even learn the minimum about the people they are voting for.

  7. frank

    except the attempt to “slow their gallop” didn’t have the desired effect.
    time to move on granny you’re boring

  8. Shitferbrains

    Unionists need to start organising money and guns in time for the talks about a united Ireland that will follow the border poll that seems to be the bottom line for SF.

  9. AssPants

    Take your shame and pack it up with the rest of your belongings and leave the island; then we won’t have to suffer the shame of seeing you or your echo chamber colleagues gazing into the electorate with your judgement and misleading history lesson.

    The electorate voted for the party they wanted, not who you or anybody else wanted.

    If you don’t like it, close the door on the way out!

  10. Dr.Fart

    “Although most Irish journalists and organisations like RTE and the Irish Times avoid challenging Sinn Fein”

    hahaha ok.. so she doesn’t watch TV or read the papers then. The Independent had at least 3 op-ed pieces out a day lashing into Sinn Fein as hard as they could.

    1. Rob_G

      Given that some newly-elected SF TDs have refused to say that the murder of Detective Jerry McCabe was wrong, I would say that they get a remarkably easy ride of it, all things considered.

  11. Rob

    The likes of Ruth Dudley Edwards, Matt Cooper, Ivan Yates are a hangover from British rule when the colonists surged to positions of influence after the Republic was born. These ‘opinionated voices’ in our society spend morning, noon and night working tirelessly to ensure West Minister and its various bodies continue to manage the Irish. The General Election has given the likes of these foreign agents a rude awakening. The next 10 years will change Ireland, in a good way, as we align closer to Brussels than Boston! Ireland will be successful in Europe not just economically, but socially as our culture grows larger and stronger than the fascist state next door. Tá ár lá gar!

  12. White Dove

    Perhaps Ruth Dudley Edwards might like to comment on the bombings in Dublin in the 1970s. I think there was a connection with a bus drivers’ premises in Dublin 1. Funnily enough the Tavistock Institute had done a survey on Dublin bus drivers some years previous. Of all things. Very interesting timing those bombings. Does Ruth know anyone in M15 she could ask?

    PS I am not Sinn Fein but I love Dublin.

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