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  1. GiggidyGoo

    Michéal Martin – never to be Taoiseach. What a disappointment!
    FF and FG. Both of them had their second worst elections. Long hard look at their ‘Leaders’ needed.
    John McGuinness the natural leader of FF
    Coveney the current natural leader of FG
    If both of those parties are to have any chance of a quick revival, then it’s time to jettison the deadwood.

  2. V

    Ye ruined Crufts Charger

    I doubt the next General Election over there will let your bozo away with that now

    Brits n’ their doggies
    And their Institutions

    Posh doggies with have to strut their stuff at the World Dog Show or at the Westminster KC instead now

    Poor dears
    Ah well

    1. Charger Salmons

      I afford myself a small lie-in after yesterday’s celebrations and I’m even pwning the usual knuckleheads in my absence.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Simon Harris. 15th Count, and still couldn’t reach the quota. Same with Stephen Donnelly. Hint hint.

    1. Golden Balls

      basically all the elected candidates are from North Wicklow
      That’s why they couldn’t get to quotas

    2. V

      Not reaching the quota is pretty moot
      If they did distribute that last to be eliminated candidate’s votes
      In all likelihood they would have all reached the quota

      its a Returning officers prerogative to deem the last ones standing as elected to the remaining vacant seats

      Very little re-count action going on out there this time round

      Its also worth pointing out that topping the poll means nothing in the final seat counts
      also its worth reminding everyone that topping the poll one day doesn’t even guarantee a seat the next day
      immediate examples;
      FFs Declan Breathnach
      SFs Lynn Boylan

      BTW should Harris get another Ministry, he’s the one that will be laughing at all of us

    1. GiggidyGoo

      I wonder too whether a squeeze will be put on RTE now. Payback time.
      Also the sops given to the Indo and its pup, Newstalk in the form of advertising (and tax breaks, bailOuts in the case of INM) – will those now dry up?
      Will Dinnys ‘residency’ be looked at – his incoming visits recorded?
      Will the Moriarty folder be found?
      Will the Broadband fiasco be halted?

      This will be an interesting Dail, if SF does find coalition partners.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    FFs Front Bench are revolting. Now, no matter what happens there will be two factions in the party, so they all will be revolting.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Seemingly Noonan thinks Donohue is leader material.
      There’ll be night of the long knives though I think. Lexit even.

  5. max

    (FF + FG + (GRN | (LAB + 1*IND) | (7* IND) ))
    | (FF + SF + (GRN | LAB | SD | PBP | (5 *IND) ))
    | ( SF + GRN + LAB + SD + PBP + 14 * IND)
    | ( SF + GRN + ((LAB + SD) | (LAB + PBP + 1 * IND) | (SD + PBP + 1 * IND)) + 20 * IND)

          1. GiggidyGoo

            And thus a clear line would be drawn between government and opposition. And that will end in tears for the Greens (or whoever). Once bitten, twice shy. The other outcome would be a far stronger SF in the next election.
            SFF would be the obvious choice. Both are Republican parties ( well, one is at least)

    1. V

      FF FG & Greens give them 5 to spare, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sean Comhairle gets the call up again, so they still have + 4

      But to get a decent run at it, I reckon FF FG Greens and Labour – with the Greens rotating Tanaiste duties with the Blues

      Both the Greens, and particularly Labour owe their seat numbers success to Sinn Fein surplus’
      In fact at least 22 seats in the new Dáil owe their seats to the Sinn Fein Surplus

      Which has me wondering if the decision to run Single Candidate (in the main) Constituency campaigns was actually a very brilliant Strategic move by Mary Lou
      She now has a whole lot of the Left of the house relying on Sinn Fein, as well as owing them. Which is a pretty strong motivation to stay on side.
      And maybe they’ll all merge in

      However Labour and the Greens won’t be having a bit of that

      as a by the by, Labour got six seats out of less than half of the Sinn Fein total surplus votes
      Food for thought there lads

      In my view I think Mary Lou should get into Government asap, even as a Minor Party
      It will give her a chance to work with her new parliamentary party, get to know her new TDs and develop those that have Ministerial and reelection potential. It will be an opportunity to build up her Ministerial clout and maintain a best foot forward with her key front bench stars that she can already rely on, and then go back to the voter and run a campaign for 80 plus seats.

      She has the war chest to do whatever she wants. But I wouldn’t recommend her going back to the voter until they’ve proved themselves on the opposite side of the house to ask for a majority.

      Leo’s biggest mistake as Taoiseach was giving Ministerial posts to incompetent pals, people he only knew for their support in the Leadership.
      I sincerely hope Mary Lou McDonald, who is most likely to be our first Lady Taoiseach, takes a more professional approach than that, and invest her time and talent wisely in building up a potential Majority Government that she can go to the people with in two or three years time.

      Hon’ Ireland Hon de’ Mná

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