Holding Their Own [Updated]



Social Democrat Jennifer Whitmore has taken the second seat in five seat Wicklow.

More as we get it.



Social Democrat Cian O’Callaghan wins the third and final seat in Dublin Bay North.



From top: Gary Gannon (Dublin North West), Holly Cairns (Cork South West), Róisín Shortall (Dublin North West) and Catherine Murphy (Kildare North) with Clem Ryan of KFM

This afternoon.

Social Democrat Gary Gannon has beaten off a challenge from Christy Burke to take the last seat in Dublin Central.

It gives the Social Democrats six seats with Mr Gannon joining Holly Cairns (Cork South West), Cian O’Callaghan (Dublin Bay North), Jennifer Whitmore (Wicklow) and co-leaders Catherine Murphy (Kidare North) and Roisin Shortall (Dublin North West).

Bigger than Labour?



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23 thoughts on “Holding Their Own [Updated]

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Not just holding, but taking ground. I heard that interview with Catherine Murphy on KFM, and she was both articulate, but also obviously delighted with the performance of the party.

    Oh, and a minor spelling mistake in the second paragraph between Mr Gannon and Holly Cairns:)

    1. dhod

      She has more integrity than most in Irish politics. No shouting, bluster or nastiness.
      My local SD candidate didn’t stand a chance but she got my no 1 due to Catherine Murphy

    1. V

      + V on the former

      Couldn’t give ah
      ‘ bout the latter unless he gets landed a Senate seat while he fishes around for his next party
      Then I will be having something to say

      However I expect Pat Casey’s transfers will give him a dig out – pity I’d have preferred not the other way ’round

  2. curmudgeon

    Glad of the result but very disapointed (and surprised) they had no candidate in my constituency of Dublin Mid west!

        1. V

          Ah lay’ve him be
          It’s all a bit emotional for him

          It would be like laughing into Charlie Flanagan’s face when he’s lip trembling

  3. bisted

    …Glenna Lynch tweeted this morning that she was delighted that the Soc Dem candidate had won in Wicklow but she felt that Stephen Donnelly had been hard done by in the Soc Dems and was forced out…my original comment on this was deleted…

    1. italia'90

      Your originaI comment is stiII where you Ieft it this morning
      Stephen Donnelly is a carpetbagger so nobody cares

      1. bisted

        …I thought the same about Stephen Donnelly but Glenna Lynch seemed to leave the Soc Dems suddenly and without explanation around the same time…

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