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Fianna Fáil edges Sinn Féin in race to win most seats (RTÉ)

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21 thoughts on “Use Your Ceann

    1. millie vanilly strikes again


      No fan of FF but the numbers are what they are, regardless of how they are made up. If it had gone to, say the greens (for example), would there still be a fuss? I doubt it.

      1. yupyup

        Agreed, he was returned in a 4 seater and was the only FFer elected there with a second FF candidate missing out on the final count

  1. scottser

    sure pat kenny had the DUP on this morning, subtly yet firmly denouncing everything sinn fein related.
    there are bottoms of barrels, and then there’s pat kenny.

  2. Christopher

    Do FF have one more seat than SF or do they not? This is not spin, they have edged SF and there is nothing wrong with this wording unless you are butt-hurt petty SF shill who seems obsessed with saying they won they election when the facts show that not even a quarter of the population voted for their thuggish populists BS.

    1. Mé Féin

      One effin’ effer was returned automatically. So the same amount of effin’ effers and SFers got elected. Technically a draw.

  3. V

    Although it does matter
    it doesn’t really

    Sean Comhairle got reelected in Kildare South in 2011 there when FF were hyper Toxic, and lost 35 seats
    and had no bother in 2016 either
    I don’t think he’s have lost out this time either as he would have attracted transfers from everyone

    Disclosure Item btw, he’s a pal and colleague of mine, but neither of us would be the kinda to try and fool ourselves about anything

      1. V

        Friends – come on

        thats beneath you Scottser
        and it was Sean who brought in the Gardai the moment stuff came to light

        which is exactly what I would do – and actually have done in my own roles down through the years

        1. scottser

          ah, i know v – no reflection obvs.
          it’s just with some of these lads, one hand washes the other.

          1. V

            How about from now on we just go
            Up the Ska

            Proper tinny shed stuff now
            None of that Yankee fake Sean Kingston MTV playlist family values nicely nicey nice guff

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