Seanóir Ciallmhar


Theo Dorgan


In 2011…

“I think we’re going through a great change. The Irish people have dealt the first decisive blow to the old politics.

The biggest political party and the biggest political organisation on the island has been dealt a death blow.

And next time out the exact same thing will happen to Fine Gael….

Nothing  has persuaded me that Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael or a great chunk of Labour understands just exactly truly a) how desperate the situation is, b) how powerless the old politics is to deal with it, and c) what’s coming down the line…

…People are going through a strange, slow-motion crash of the state. They’ve dealt with one of the great monoliths.

They’re now scrupulously giving the other monolith in the old politics its shot, and when that proves itself – as it absolutely will, I’m completely certain of this – a busted flush, then the new politics will happen.

So it seems to me this is an interim moment in a long, unfolding process of change…”

Poet Theo Dorgan on March 1, 20111 following that year’s General Election.

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This is a long-term crisis, slowly unfolding (Gene Kerrigan, Sunday Independent)

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26 thoughts on “Seanóir Ciallmhar

  1. Andrew

    I wish whomever gets in to government well and if that’s Sinn Feín I’d dearly love for them to make housing more affordable. I agree with their plans on housing and I wish them well.
    However, FF/FG are only part of the problem in this country. The real problem is the public service and their protectors.
    The HSE for example, will not be reformed by anyone, including SF.
    Pouring more money in to it will not make one jot of difference.

    P.S. I had to google Theo Dorgan. Stating the bleedin obvious gets you plaudits now?

      1. Andrew

        I know that Bodger. It seemed obvious back then no? FF were lucky not to be wiped out and FG still couldn’t win an overall majority. The two parties have lost their share of the vote for many, many years before that. The commodification of housing that was ramped up in the Bertie Ahern era was always going to lead to what we have now.

    1. Andrew

      Are you referring to my comment? I don’t vote for FF/FG or Labour for that matter. But you have your mind made up anyway and seem to read all sorts ion to genuine comments.
      You need a bit of perspective. Get off twitter maybe?

    1. Otis Blue

      Eddie’s like a reverse Midas.

      Remember his foray into politics as as founder and President of Renua?

      That went well.

  2. 01101101 01100011

    open question to any of you more experienced in this subject matter:

    given the aim of doing what’s best for our country thinking FORWARD and without excess baggage, a reset….pretend we have a major existential threat to us as Irish citizens or something if necessary

    could we identify a kind of fantasy cabinet to serve?

    Some FFG + some SF, G, SD, Lab, PBP?

    A technical group of subjectmatter experts working for Ireland not their local clubs? Even redefine roles? Maybe one or two special roles for people like Peter McVerry. Vocational expert practitioners.


  3. frank

    The best possible outcome would be a national government of FFG & SF.
    FFG can’t be allowed to scuttle off again and lick their wounds until they’re ready for power again. They should be held to account for the current state of country. SF might well be able to hold them in check where Labour and the Greens have failed so horribly in the past.
    The single greatest problem we have is the complete absence of accountability. Leave FFG in power but make them accountable

  4. GG

    I dont follow your logic frank, isn’t removing them from power holding them accountable? If someone doesn’t perform, would you tie them down for a multi-year contract to hold them accountable?

  5. V

    Didn’t I Frilly up something here around the time of GE’16 – A Republican Government

    I could search – but I’m half afraid to check the comments under it

      1. 01101101 01100011

        thanks V
        very interesting read
        so here we are again and again

        btw I assume you’re Frilly?

      2. bisted

        …Ta V…but you did all the heavy lifting…fear that I could write the same comment again…have a feeling our old friend – the national interest – is about to be invoked…

        1. V

          ‘suppose I did at the time as t’was the first out there with the notion

          But shur’ that was the beauty of Frilly Keane
          The voice it allowed without having to care about literary standards and critique, or public opinions or even generally accepted ones.

          I remember there was a follow up about the Government we ended up with (eventually) after GE’16

          Jaysus the craic we could have had with Grealish, Podcasting Hooligans, Dara Murphy v Probity & Ethics v Confidence & Supply, NCH/ Rural Broadband/ Dáil Printer, Media Bias, Cambridge Anals, Boris Cummings – ah

          In fairness

          Tis what it is

          1. V

            Remember there was a gap between the GE and the eventual Confidence & Supply supported Government we ended up getting?
            Here’s what Frilly Keane proposed

            Of note was the particular featuring of Rural Broadband
            I think anyway

            This was from June ’16 and Enda was still Taoiseach
            Look at what was said about Simon Harris
            And the then Minister for Housing Simon Coveney

            There was also a skit about their Night at the Áras

            Incredible to think that that series was four years ago

            Have a good evening folks

  6. Iwerzon

    Good man Theo – he was the first TV pundit to coin the phrase ‘we live in a society, not an economy’ back in the day. I’d take heed of him and others like him. No Pasaran.

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