This afternoon.

Just ‘dropped’.

Molly Byrne writes:

Sky today reveals the first look trailer and images of its new visceral, action-packed thriller, Gangs of London, which takes audiences on an immersive journey into the hidden heart of the British capital.

Starring a multi-talented ensemble cast featuring Colm Meaney, this nine-part Sky original drama will launch on Sky Atlantic and TV streaming service NOW TV later this year

No Danny Dyer?


Gangs Of London

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6 thoughts on “The Guv’nor

  1. Nigel

    Well over well ‘ard London gangster stuff but this looks unusually stylish, and the fight scenes seem a bit different – holy moley it’s the guy who directed The Raid, yeah, okay, I’m in.

  2. V

    Oh please
    The hoo-hah they made of C.O.B.R.A. and t’was all over while I was still waiting for it to actually start into something that deserved the hype, and the no expense spared roll out.

    Best thing available at the moment is Godfather of Harlem
    Ye’re welcome

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