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  1. realPolithicks

    If the greens go into coalition with FFG it will be a colossal betrayal of the people who voted for them, I hope they’re not just grasp at “power” like the last time.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      It is the only sensible and workable government, a SF led rainbow coalition won’t make it past the first budget

      1. Brother Barnabas

        would though likely be playing into SF’s hands in the long run

        theyll come back with 50 seats next time out if FF and FG finally drop the flimsy pretence that there’s any difference between them

    2. 01101101 01100011

      Hi real

      well I fear for them (Greens)

      FFG only started with the Green stuff when it got popular and it would seem from what I’m reading to be incompatible with the interests that sit above the FFG construct. their love for Green matters is manufactured and definitely not genuine. in the same way I’d argue that FFG’s interest in sorting out the Housing issue is not genuine. Incompatible.​ the difference I would say from a FFG pov is that Green matters might appear to be a softer issue to solve. easier to make up some poo about carbon credits blah blah than dig out a site for houses and upset your landowning friends whilst doing it, hm?

      I really don’t think that this will be what the people voted for​

      but from what I can see (albeit uneducated political eye here, ok) it’s a FFG+G and I’d suspect its already a done deal too​

      I’d love to know what the utter obsession with “having a government” is though??​

      That talk has already started in my own house….”but SOMEONE has to make a Government”…like if we don’t we’re gonna run out of oxygen or something?! surely it’s the core permanent admin lads under these elected reps that are the actual engine? I read that Belgium had no Govt for 541 days from as recently as back in 2010 and they don’t seem to have fallen apart.

      1. Shayna

        Kinda the same, but not entirely different – the lights were on at Stormont, but no-one (MLAs) for over 3 years were at home. The lads, as you put it – civil servants ran the six counties part of Ireland with a govenment in absentia. And to be fair, it was grand. Actually, better than grand – local news in the North – little comment from politicians, nor did they appear on local tv as much – kinda bliss! Now they’ve graced us with their presence again – what’s back on the agenda – the burning issue – Flags? Homeless types sleeping in doorways in city/town centres, types that turn up in hospitals and expect to be seen within a reasonable time (0-4 hours) will be relieved that the Gov are sorting out the flags crisis.

        1. 01101101 01100011

          Hi Shayna

          interesting, as I think the system is the problem I would venture that you may have some demonstrated evidence right there

          hm, tension keeps the thing alive, doesn’t it? a bit like how the solar system works lol

    3. V

      I don’t think so
      Going in with the FF-FG axis puts the Greens exactly where they want to be
      In Government
      Even if it’s just a handful of Minor Ministerials

      That gives them substance and not just the lucky beneficiaries of a teenage led protest, with the convenient timing of a wave that created the perfect storm with thousands and thousands of surplus transfers.

      An FFFG GRN government will get the full five years
      And give the Greens plenty of time to establish a stronger National Base and groom solid Candidates.
      They’d be fools not to take advantage

      Although my preference, from a Strategic pov, is for a FF led with SF in Minority, principally to allow Mary Lou get to know and develop SFs parliamentary party, do some internal housekeeping, and source new Ministerial standard Candidates that can put them in a position to Campaign for a Majority next time out

      1. 01101101 01100011

        Hi Golden, thanks
        I’d say and hope I don’t belong in any specific box tho
        if that’s what your prism tells you then good for you :)
        its all just data to me

    1. Lilly

      Why the name change, I wonder. Did the people at Corona beer kick up? I’m glad Irish media keeping coverage to a minimum. This is the kind of thing children are hyper alert to and they worry away in the background.

      1. dav

        hi Lilly “Corona” was the type of virus, there have been other corona virus before and there will be more corona virus in the future, it just took them this long to provide a name to it.

        1. Mick

          What dav said.

          SARS was a corona virus, for example. This was called a novel corona virus until a better identifying name was created for it.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    FFGG Government.
    Doubtful, given the Greens decimation a short few years ago, courtesy of their hunger for ‘power’ and FF riding them. If the Green Party had any notion of trustworthiness anyway, they would re-instate their history on their website, rather than have people find it courtesy of the wayback machine.
    But the point to take away from even the suggestion of a FFGG government, is that the only reason FFG would do it is to keep SF out of power.

    1. Shayna

      It’s pretty evident that this is the case. An Taoiseach was very casual about offering Sinn Féin adice about what their next steps should be in forming a Government – keep to the left. Arrogance and smugness dripped onto his comedy socks

      1. bisted

        …the big dilemma for FFG is how to keep the shinners from forming the opposition…the best they’ve managed to come up with so far is to facilitate the shinners to form a minority government…I would like to wish FFG well with this…

        1. Shayna

          Someone’s got to kiss the ring – funny, I’ve heard no mention yet of king maker – a reliable cliché in these scenarios. The Election results show that change is wanted in Ireland. Sinn Féin are sticking to their guns (unfortunate turn of phrase) and talking to similar left leaning parties. It’s going to be stalemate – again, in my opinion.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Yet according to the Irish Times this week ” it’s a glorious triumph for Irish democracy. ”

          2. Charlie

            Coz the Irish Times is the bible? We don’t need to read any sensational headlines or journalists verbal self indulgent tripe to know what this election means other than people being fed up with the present regime. It has little to do with a deep desire for the Shinners(other than the scrotes). It’ll be the same old same old. Nothing to see here.

      2. Rob_G

        @ Shayna – I’m pretty sure that Mary Lou used to give Leo advice all the time when he was in government; now that it looks like he will be leaving and she might be going in, why wouldn’t he return the favour?

  3. Charger Salmons

    It’s all kicking off in Westminster.
    The Saj gets ambushed by Classic Dom.There was only ever going to be one winner.
    Boris enjoying his 80-seat majority.

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