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    1. Charger Salmons

      What isn’t frowned up in the European Parliament is rank hypocrisy.
      You won’t have seen this reported in the EU cheerleading Irish media including RTE EU fanboy Tony Connelly but yesterday the European Parliament voted, by a large majority, to support a raft of gas fracking projects that will maintain the EU’s dependence on fossil fuels way beyond the 2050 deadline for climate neutrality.
      So much for all this talk of a green deal and the European Parliament’s own grand-standing declaration of a climate emergency.
      And guess who was behind the lobbying effort to modify the anti-fossil fuels rule to allow this specific type of project to be funded ?
      Why Germany, of course.
      The total cost of the gas projects is estimated at €29bn.
      The public face might be greeny and Greta but the reality is it’s business as usual in the corriders of the EP.

  1. Horny Galxxx

    Imagine if FF/FG tried to hijack the election results.
    Two unelected Wrongs make a Right, etc.

    Imagine the backlash.

    They know what’s going to happen if they try it.
    I hope they try. I hope they put all their effort into it.
    I hope they die trying.

  2. Redbeard

    It is becoming increasingly evident that the “Irish” Daily Mail does not approve of the Irish electorate’s choices at the recent general election.

    Pass the violin, Maude.

    1. topsy

      Least people forget or don’t know the english daily mail has displayed a hatred of the irish over many years and once described Ireland as “a land based on the pig and the potato”
      The irish daily mail thankfully has only a circulation of approx 28k and hopefully will disappear altogether in the near future. Personally I have never purchased the rag which masquerades as a newspaper.

      1. Charger Salmons

        The Oirish Mail is very popular in my local, especially with the laydees who are keenly looking forward to the visit of William and Kate.

          1. Charger Salmons

            By talking and listening.
            It’s called having a chinwag.
            Old-fashioned I know but some folk still do that in pubs.

        1. Charger Salmons

          I can see the Mirror front page but I was more interested in the mood you mentioned.
          Mood amongst whom ? You think Dominic Cummings will be the topic of conversation in factories and offices across Blighty ?
          Or is it just the mood at the Mirror whose sales have plummeted amongst its working class readership since it backed Remain and Corbyn ?

  3. class wario

    I wonder if FF/FG are progressing the inevitable coalition along a bit too quickly. You feel like leaving everybody stew an extra week or two would make the inevitable claims of SF letting the people down and FF/FG stepping in to restore order seem more authentic.

    1. Cian

      SF are left-wing. FF & FG are right-wing. Their policies are incompatible FF+SF or SF+FG just doesn’t work.

      If they were to drag out negotiations for a fortnight then SF could accuse them of posturing.

      You can’t win.

      1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        FF are a party of the center or left of center.
        FG are center/right of center.

        Neither are right wing.

        1. Tee Shock

          Yeah well, you are not wrong.

          FF were happy to go full commie when they bailed out the banks.

          Socialism for the few

          Crapitalism for the many

    1. Charger Salmons

      I bought Mrs Charger Salmons some gardening knee-pads as a Valentine’s present.
      It’s fair to say she’s not a happy bunny this morning.
      I’m not just unpopular on here you know.
      Heh, heh, heh.

  4. Rob_G

    I see there is no story on the SF TD who is refusing to pay the €12k she owes to a homeless charity who were good enough to house her for four years.

    “It emerged today that Ms Wynne also has expressed strong opposition to the HPV and other vaccinations”

    – was this anti-science sponger really they best they could find to represent the people of Ireland?

        1. Rob_G

          I’m genuinely struggling to believe that someone could be so naive…

          – this lady, who is Trinity graduate, had a house for free for four years. I doubt she is only one not paying her rent to a housing charity; Focus Ireland, even thought they petitioned the government to ban evictions, have had to evict non-paying tenants themselves (paywall).

          26% of council house tenancies in Dublin are in arrears, 13,000 mortgages have been in default for more than 5 years (2018 figures); there are loads of people living in free houses – wake up.

          1. Ghost of Yep

            If I steal a jumper it is not free although I can use it. The fact she is in arrears shows it is not free. People not paying for things does not mean those things are free. Focus Ireland having to evict shows the homes are not free. You know this. It’s very simple.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      Eoin o Broin got skewered on this issue on Newstalk breakfast. He is usually very composed and well spoken but he was audibly annoyed at being asked about this.

      1. :-Joe

        You’re mind is hijacked, tribalised and brainwashed as a sounding board for repeating the hard-wired propaganda…

        By “skewered” you mean ambushed and by “audibly(noticebly) annoyed” you mean the sound of frustration and irritation at how obviously biased and dumb the newstalk for the establishment(of private foreign corporate finance and their shareholder interests) F-f/g party narrative always behave towards their perceived natural enemies.

        The usual petty and transparently dumb extremist, right-wing moralising, pseudo-conservative, big business first narrative.

        Yet again, another pathetic effort to attack it’s opposing ideology at any and every opportunity..

        I’m 100% sure that is really what was noticeable.
        – & I haven’t even heard the interview yet.


          1. :-Joe

            All that?… It’s only a few lines.

            I think you might have missed the point there, have you ever listened to newstalk before, especially recently or even right now?..

            Nottomention the recipient’s clear biased form on this website.


      2. V

        I’m not surprised that Eoin might have been caught a bit off beat

        They’ll struggle to close this off as the Housing Organisation in question, Rural Regeneration (I think) which was focused on having people return or relocate from Cities into rural towns, has since wound down due to lack of funds and support.

        In fairness tho, I don’t think Parnell Square did a full vetting here anyway, so they’re all going to get caught out,
        And nobody, and I include myself, expected Violet to go anywhere.

        This kinda goes back to my point that Mary Lou needs to take time out and get to know her Parliamentary Party before considering any Government Formation

  5. Charger Salmons

    Ooh la la !
    More trouble for Macron as Benjamin Griveaux , his pick for mayor of Paris in the upcoming local elections, resigns after a sex video emerges of Les Hanky Panky with a woman who was not his missus.
    Mon dieu …

  6. Charger Salmons

    In economic news German output was stagnant in the fourth quarter as eurozone GDP growth slowed to 0.1pc compared to the previous three months, down from 0.3pc.
    The eurozone is expanding at its slowest pace since early 2013 when its economy was gripped by the sovereign debt crisis.
    Annual growth last year slipped to 1.2pc from 1.9pc, the weakest pace for six years.
    Not quite what the EU was predicting …


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