“Marian’s Legacy Will Inspire Us”


This afternoon.

“After 15 years working in the Sunday Independent, I’m delighted to be joining the weekends on RTÉ Radio 1.

The weekend is a time to pause, take a breath and review the week, and it’s also a time when people like a different, more reflective kind of radio, maybe even a bit of fun.”

Marian’s legacy will inspire us to continue to explore, challenge and debate the issues that truly matter to Irish people.”

Brendan O’Connor.






Brendan O’Connor gets weekend mid-morning slot on RTÉ Radio 1 (RTÉ)

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32 thoughts on ““Marian’s Legacy Will Inspire Us”

  1. bisted

    …this used to be one of my favourite Radio 1 slots…if Marian irritated me I had only to open the drawer and look at my iodine tablets…really hoped Rachel English would fill this slot…anyone but this langer…

  2. Frank

    remember he use to do the sexist captions under the photographs in the LIFE magazine supplement. making smutty jokes about photocall girls.
    a gas man.

  3. newsjustin

    Until such a time as the RTE get fed up with him again and decide that what we really need is Lottie Ryan in that slot.

  4. Charger Salmons

    Mind you it’s hard to think of anyone who could be worse than the late Finucane.
    For someone who only had two shows a week she was always remarkably unprepared and always gave the impression she didn’t have much of a clue what was going on.
    Although to be honest I never managed more than five minutes of her before turning back to Talksport.

    1. Golden Balls

      She was absolutely phoning it in for years

      How can you stand us at all you poor oul divil?

    1. Charger Salmons

      To be honest he was bang on the money there.
      Some of us did start hoovering up cheap property in 2007 and we’ve been laughing ever since.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        “hoovering up cheap property in 2007”

        is that the same 2007 as when property prices were at an all time high?

    2. Cian

      He was bang on the money. Replace “ballsy guys” with “vulture funds” and voila – that is what happened.

  5. perricrisptayto

    Ballsy will always be Ballsy…..what a guy. Surprised he survived the recession….what a guy. Outstanding in his field.

    1. Ringsend Incinerator

      Appalling timing of her death. Can you imagine the 00bolloques she would presided over with Sinn Fein, Megan and Harry, CoronaVirus, FAI, etc., mistress of overpaid ceremonies with the usual know-all dinner party set stuffed shirt numpties? Vile.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      She’s awful. So far in this so-called ‘current affairs’ show she has plucked out the following headlines from the newspapers; Emmerdale, Strictly Come Dancing and Kate Middleton. 15 mins out of a 120 min slot spent on government coalition predictions solely with none other with Fionnan Sheehan. No debate, no discussion.

      *throws radio into recycling appliance bin

      1. Lilly

        The interview with Allison Morris wasn’t bad. I wonder why no one mentioned that he was a dissident Republican though? I’d have thought that was a salient fact, which might explain why he got away with terrorising her for so long.

        1. Salmon Eile

          The same reason nobody mentions MaIRiA cahill is not a dissident republic. The anti-Sinn Fein narrative.

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