We’d Be Signing Our Own Death Warrant


This afternoon.



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17 thoughts on “We’d Be Signing Our Own Death Warrant

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Splitty splitty.

    At least if FFG do go into coalition, then that puts a clear divide between them and the real opposition. The new byline for FF will be Clucky Ár Lá

  2. george

    Did he say “We’d Be Signing Our Own Death Warrant”. It doesn’t seem like he did. Quite misleading.

  3. max

    Given that everybody wants to be in opposition does that mean that leo gets to remain thoiseach for ever?

    If they hold another election SF will run more candidates and FF will loose even more seats, so they are kinda dammed if they do and dammed if the dont, probably best to go into government and build as much social housing as is possible in 5 years and then claim that it was all their idea

  4. V

    What a bitter two-faced disingenuous old man

    This of course has nothing to do with going into Government
    This is his opportunity to stitch up Meehall Martin who wouldn’t let him run for the Áras back in 2011
    He laid in wait for the Ard Fheis in 2017 and bussed delegates in especially to vote on the party’s position on the 8th Amendment

    And here he is there – head in hands
    But what he’s not letting on is that over two thirds of the New Fianna Fáil Parliamentary Party are well declared diehard Love Both Vote No’ers Anti Choicers, that wouldn’t think twice about doing it all over again.

    Guess what – we also voted for change back in 2018
    GFU Eamon

    BTW Galway West also houses Mr Grealish another ilk of this ancient dinosaur of a man

    To hell or to Galway West

      1. V

        Ya’ had ta do it

        so of course I did
        Canney and Rabbitte both Vote No’ers
        Cannon the empty shirt that he is is recorded as undeclared

        But for all of the Galway bucks
        Galway East Yes vote was 60.19 %
        And Galway West Yes 65.95%

        So they can try it on all they like,
        The Galway Girls won’t be having a bit ov’ it

    1. garrett

      Ironic that a man who has lived off his Grandfather’s surname for his entire political life now calls the party of his Grandfather not suitable for government.

  5. Truth in the News

    What has occurred in the last 4 years is postponement of split in Fianna Fail and to
    borrow Dev’s “empty formula” interpretation of the Oath, they cooked up the confidence
    and supply cop out, so as to avoid responsibility as to be seen in Government with Fine
    Gael while tacitly supporting them in power, however the Electorate seen through it last
    Saturday, in fact FF were lucky to get the number of seats they got and come another
    Election will end up with less than what they got in 2011

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