This morning.

Solidarity-People Before Profit’s Ruth Coppinger, who lost her Dáil seat last weekend, announces that she will run for a seat in the Seanad in the for the National University of Ireland constituency.

In fairness.


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11 thoughts on “Ruth Planner

  1. Ringsend Incinerator

    Hugo MacNeill – rugby player – now you know why those Dun Laoghire numpties voted for his missus.

  2. class wario

    I like Ruth a lot but I don’t think this seanad backup plan stuff when it’s FF/FG hasbeens and I can’t contradict that even for her! That said, at least she won’t be parachuted in by the government

  3. Tringo

    So PBP lost
    a seat as we gave a chance for left wing government while Harris and Murphy kept theirs

    Can we deport them? To darfor

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